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Throughout your visit you'll encounter a medley of characters and dedicated underlings with somewhat intriguing backstories. Wayward souls drawn to Prowell Woodworks with a need to belong. Craving to be appreciated and applauded for who they are in spite of their often unshakably checkered pasts.



Lewella Longings
Jocko's girl

Ape #1, Ape #2, Ape #3
Pinkerton Agent

The Widow Drew
Julianne & Jeanette Regards
Prince w/ Jocko's Girl
Paparazzi #1

Paparazzi #2
Gigi & Adlai Means
Hired Ballerina
Charles' Illegitimate Bastard Twin, Chuck

Presidential Candidate #1
Presidential Candidate #2
Pinkerton w/Adlai's girl
Jocko w/Adlai's girl
Alejandro w/Adlai's girl
Idaho Renegades w/Adlai's girl
Chuck w/Adlai's girl

Cameos w/o names

Man w/Sling
Man Surprised
Man Surprised #2
Nosey Neighbors
T-Rex Security
Hippo Security
Man Fleeing