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Prowell's Outdoor Wood Garden Bench

Clear, Kiln-Dried, Vertical Grain Western Cedar

Outdoor Wood Garden Bench #21
Features a 3-1/2" backrest grid and a graduating pattern armrest of 1" grids

51" total length

Shown with two coats of the non-toxic WoodRX "Chestnut" finish.
Ships natural or pre-finished. See Pre-Finish Options


Although the grades of cedar, along with the designed methodology, do not necessarily require a finish, the benches and swings are unlike the gates and fences, etc. They somehow seem imcomplete without a finish. Perhaps this is simply due to the fact we sit on benches and swings and unless you're a bird, sitting on a gate or fence is not so easily administered.

  custom wood garden bench
    GARDEN BENCH #20-1
  wood porch bench      

Our Porch Bench #20 in Sonoma County, CA.
1918 Sears Kit house.

Garden Bench #20 was developed with a deeper seat and an increased slope to the backrest.

Shown with the WoodRX Chestnut.


BENCH #20-1
BENCH #20-1


    GARDEN BENCH #20-2
  wood porch bench      

Wood Bench #20-2, where our homeowner in Portland, OR admits to deciding against the back porch in lieu of the breakfast nook.


BENCH #20-2
custom wood bench in Portland
BENCH #20-1



Jorge shown applying the first of two coats of the non-toxic WoodRX Ultra Chestnut.

See Recommended Finishes

  finishes for outdoor cedar benches


Garden Bench End Tables
Garden Bench Footstool
wood bench outdoor table
outdoor bench footstool


wood benches for the arden

Late in the summer we would sit on the back porch of our sprawling old farmhouse, fanning ourselves, talking. From the barn a hundred yards off the pet Palomino we called simply Horse would make a noise, followed a moment later by an answer from our one milk cow we called simply Cow and that in turn followed the sounds of our two pet sows we called simply Pig #1 and Pig #2.

Continued on GB#21 . . .

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