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Prowell's Outdoor Wood Garden Bench #21

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Clear, Kiln-Dried, Vertical Grain Western Cedar



Outdoor Wood Garden Bench #GB21

51" total length

Shown with two coats of the non-toxic WoodRX "Teak" finish.
Ships natural or pre-finished. See Pre-Finish Options

custom wood porch bench, prowell
  unique wood outdoor bench

Prowell's grade of spec'd western cedar from the mill is clear, kiln-dried, vertical-grained, and mandating a minimum of 9 growth rings per inch. What does all that mean? It simply means the tree must have fully matured before harvest, offering the most stable integrity.

Shown with the accompanying Footstool GBF:

  wood porch benches
unique wood outdoor bench
The wood bench backrest pattern is drawn from two sources: The Rockefeller Center's lobby motif and the 1933 Post Office motif in downtown Reno, Nevada. For those of you who have overlooked Reno as a less-than-appealing destination, it should be noted they had revitalized the downtown river walk for a pleasant atmosphere of public art, cafes, restaurants, galleries, and of course the original architecture of the 1920's and 30's in the brick bungalow residences, the government buildings such as the Post Office and Parks and Recreation building, and the lurid and exciting history of the several adorned brick apartment buildings that housed the NYC socialites of the 20's arriving for their 3-month stay in Reno to expedite their divorces.
  wood joinery garden bench #21
  unique wood outdoor bench
Garden Bench #21 with the accompanying End Tables GBT and Footstool GBF.
View these accessories.
  custom wood garden bench #21
#BENCH #21

wood outdoor bench

outdoor furniture
Charles with the first #21 Outdoor Wood Bench.

#BENCH #21
  The assembly process. The 2013 wood bench and swing designs exhibit a number of departures from Prowell's earlier bench models.
The seat is now canted at a 5-degree angle
The backrest is at 13-degrees, improving the overall comfort and ergonomics for the lower back and lumbar support
The arm rests are 2" higher off the seat for a more comfortable placement to the bend of an adult elbow.
The overall weight is 6 pounds lighter.
  building a wood bench
#BENCH #21
  Finishing the seat.
  woodworking jinery for building a bench
#BENCH #21
A look at some of the basic joinery. With it and you have one of several factors contributing to the longevity of a Prowell Garden Bench.
  wooden bench design
#BENCH #21
Left: Cutting in the leg mortises.
Right: A floating tenon should fit tight enough to require a light tapping, Prowell performing this task with his grandfather's ball peen hammer, and the customary sawdust in his hair.
  charles prowell building a bench   outdoor bench joinery



Garden Bench End Tables
Garden Bench Footstool
wood bench outdoor table
outdoor bench footstool


wood benches for the arden

Late in the summer we would sit on the back porch of our sprawling old farmhouse, fanning ourselves, talking. From the barn a hundred yards off the pet Palomino we called simply Horse would make a noise, followed a moment later by an answer from our one milk cow we called simply Cow and that in turn followed the sounds of our two pet sows we called simply Pig #1 and Pig #2.

Countless evenings passed like this. Mother standing over a chair with bobby pins pursed between her lips setting curlers in my oldest sister's hair and me on the far porch swing with Aunt Dee and my middle sister in the opposite swing with Aunt Bim and if it was Saturday night my great grandmother would be inside at the television, smoking her pipe drawn from an old tin of pipes, yelling at the ref for missing an infraction, an illegal full nelson by a wrestler in a cowboy hat.

Continued on Bench #22 . . .

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