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Prowell's Outdoor Wood Garden Bench #23

>>To Matching Outdoor Wood Porch Swing PS23>>

Clear, Kiln-Dried, Vertical Grain Western Cedar

Outdoor Wood Garden Bench #21

51" total length

Shown with two coats of the non-toxic WoodRX "Teak" finish.
Ships natural or pre-finished. See Pre-Finish Options


Caught contemplating, possibly, the potential of mass. . . and the universe it embodies.

  charles prowell with garden bench 23
  The backrest for the Wood Bench #23 is for the Japanese motif as well as a modern style architecture.
Although it would be easier to approach the development of a pattern on paper or the computer, Charles relies on what's in his head. Shown experimenting with a dry layout for the Porch Swing #24 and Garden Bench #24
  wood joinery for a garden bench
  Ben gluing up the backrest pattern
  How to build a custom wood outdoor bench #24 from Prowell


Garden Bench End Tables
Garden Bench Footstool
wood bench outdoor table
outdoor bench footstool


wood benches for the arden

Late in the summer we would sit on the back porch of our sprawling old farmhouse, fanning ourselves, talking. From the barn a hundred yards off the pet Palomino we called simply Horse would make a noise, followed a moment later by an answer from our one milk cow we called simply Cow and that in turn followed the sounds of our two pet sows we called simply Pig #1 and Pig #2.

Countless evenings passed like this. Mother standing over a chair with bobby pins between her lips setting curlers in my oldest sister's hair and me on the far porch swing with Aunt Dee and my middle sister in the opposite swing with Aunt Bim and if it was Saturday night my great grandmother Ma would be inside at the television, smoking her pipe drawn from an old tin of pipes, yelling at the ref for missing an infraction, an illegal full nelson by a wrestler in a cowboy hat.

At the porch screen my great grandfather, Dad, standing beside my father, their trousers hiked up over their boots, smoking their pipes, staring into the changing light as the sun dropped down behind Kickapoo Ridge a mile off and every so often flicking the screen to send a June Bug catapulting back toward the yard. Back where it belongs with the fireflies and mosquitoes and those black flies big enough to choke on.

Uneventful is what mostly comes to mind. The sound of the chains riding against the swing hooks on the ceiling and Cow and Horse and Pigs talking in the barn and ten thousand crickets in a cricket-symphony along the river punctuated by a holler from the living room and Aunt Dee making funny sounds to mimic a good scalp scrubbing while running her fingers through my hair as I leafed a photo book of Civil War Battles. From the opposite swing Aunt Bim grazes her open palm along my middle sister's arm as she leafed through one of her horse books and when she found something she liked Bim would nod and because she ran the Alterations shop in town, yet another likeness of yet another horse photograph would show up embroidered on yet another one of my middle sister's identical white blouses.

Continued on Bench #24 . . .


Wood Arbors
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