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Prowell's Outdoor Wood Garden Swing #4



Clear, Kiln-Dried, Vertical Grain Western Cedar

Wood Porch Swing #4

Rope or Coated chain supports:

: 3' - 5' length
$2,400: 5' - 6' length

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Ships natural or pre-finished
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  Insure that the chain on your Hanging Porch Swing is supported from an overhead girder. It should also be noted that since the original Porch Swing #4, below, we have revised the chain so one length mounts to the backrest for better stability, as shown in the above photo

Shown with standard chain prior to incorporating the coated chain.
  A Custom Wood Front Porch Swings
The original Porch Swing #4 on Coronado Island, San Diego, CA. Where small talk and the Porch Swings are inexorably linked.
  Hanging Wood Swing on a Front Porch
  porch swings Reminiscent of the title character Gem in To Kill a Mockingbird, our patron, in the tradition of showing people with our products, sends along a photo of their daughter and the new family pup, enjoying their new Porch Swing.
  Porch Swing with a dog
SWING #4-1
    PORCH SWING #4-1

Porch Swing #4-1 in from Foley, Alabama.
This early revision introduced the coated chain, and the improved settings where the chain mounts to the swing. The pivot point of where the swing mounts to the backrest dramatically alters the swinging action if moved as much as 1/2" up or down.

  Wood front porch swing in Alabama
    more of PORCH SWING #4
Prowell's Front Porch Swing #4 shown with the Porch Railing #3 in Claremont, California.
  A Wood Front Porch Swings

  An out-of-focus photo sent in from Palo Alto, CA.
Also showing Swing Stand/Arbor #1

Wood Arbors
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