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Porch Swing #5 was designed for those of you along the northeastern corridor,
and that charming preference for all things Colonial.

Prowell's Outdoor Garden Swing #5



Clear, Kiln-Dried, Vertical Grain Western Cedar

Prowell's Porch Swing #5-- with a Chippendale style pattern.

Rope or Coated chain supports:
: 3' - 5' length
$2,500: 5' - 6' length

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  A look at the seat pattern of the #5 Hanging Garden Porch Swing.
  porch swing
  Burned into our Swings is this ID to insure you of the authenticity of a our product.
SWING #5-1

Porch Swing #5-1 on Long Island, NY.

  porch swings
SWING #5-1
Charles, photographed in March 2009.
Front Porch Swing
SWING #5-2
    PORCH SWING #5-2

From our Porch Swing Patrons in Cincinnati, Ohio: "Charles, the new swing is a magnet for everyone to gather on our new back porch. We'll be sending some more pics from our large family gatherings."

Set at the end of an accessible porch at near grade level, the swing accomplishes a conversational balance to the seating arrangement of an informal gathering.

  front porch swings in
SWING #5-2
  With the Adirondack style porch flooring stained a natural patina, the porch swing will default to a similar finish.
  wood front porch swing in Cincinnati, Ohio
SWING #5-1
    PORCH SWING #5-1

Our Wood Swing #5-1 is identical to the above example, but hung from chain instead of rope. To see the accessories included with each porch swing, as well as installation specifications: Swing Install

Note: All of our chains are now coated.

  Hanging Porch Swings
SWING #5-1

A sprawling property on Coronado Island in San Diego, with an entry marked by twin Hanging Garden Swings.

Site photos courtesy of DJ Goodwiller, Escondido, CA

  Garden Porch Swings
SWING #5-3
    PORCH SWING #5-3

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

SWING #5-3


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