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Prowell's Wood Front Porch Swing and Outdoor Garden Benches.
The full suite of Prowell's offerings are developed with a recognizable style and methodology that might be looked upon as an aesthetic keystone to your overall landscape. Your designer's eye grounded by the introduction of a few succinct elements we might consider the jeweler's milestone.

Introducing our Garden Bench to an appropriate setting becomes the radius from which successive decisions are made.  A cornerstone has been established.  The surrounding vicinity is approached to compliment the Outdoor Garden Bench without the Bench itself upstaging the supporting landscape.

A similar approach to the Front Porch Swing, where we establish both a sense of workmanship and physical poetry to the featured approach, but also the connotations of leisure and conversation associated with a Hanging Porch Swing..

Finally, every product is accompanied by a stamp authenticating the work
. The actual location of that stamp varies as per the year it was built.
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custom wood benches and porch swings

Prowell's Wood Garden Benches and Wood Porch Swings represent the benchmark for both design and structural integrity.

Aesthetically similar, these two cousins are distinguished by only a few subtle details, making for a complimentary match between the porch and the garden

Available in Cedar or Mahogany

Shipping 84% off standard UPS Freight rates to all 50 states.


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