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Outdoor Swing Stand / Arbor

Top Assembly: $3,500 (to 36" depth x 8' length)
Side Foyer Panels: $750/ea



Lyme, New Hampshire

Prowell's Wood Swing Stand is also available as a free-standing arbor

As a solution to those of you requesting an assembly to support your swings within the garden and landscape, as opposed to the front porch.
It consists of:
1) The top section shipping as a fully joined assembly and ready to mount onto the tops of surfaced 6x6 posts provided by the site.
2) Two side foyer panels shipping as fully joined assemblies ready to mount between the posts.
Note: the swing is separate and specified from the gallery.

Top Assembly shown is 98-1/2" length x 36" width. Primary beams at 3-1/2"T x 5-1/2"W.

Below: A clear cold November day in New Hampshire. It appears our patron is smiling

Swing Stand #1-2
cedar swing stand/arbor in new hampshire. prowell
Swing Stand #1-2

Lyme, Ndew Hampshire

And within a few days the first snowfall of the season, attracting the usual suspects.





We designed the Garden Arbor specifically to provide an assembly for those who are forever requesting one of the prowell swings not on their front porch, but within their landscape.

Swing Stand & Arbor Close-ups

The view of the Wood Swing Arbor from above. Showing in the forefront the glimpse of a swing spring.

  wood swing stand. Prowell



Showing the bottom, with the mounting aprons fixed in place. Note the Holes pre-bored to accept the lag bolts securing the assembly to the posts.



here are of course no metal screws or fasteners within the Garden Arbor assembly itself. Only the four lags provided to secure it to the site posts.
rowell's Wood Arbor as a medley of rabbet and dadoes and mortises and tenons and the now-and-again dovetail.
imulating the Wood Swing Swivel Mounting brackets and Heavy-Duty Spring. These and the mounting bolts are provided with all Prowell Garden Swing orders.
The posts shown are to help illustrate the assembly. Posts are not provided by Prowell Woodworks.
ypical side Foyer Panel to the Wood Swing Stand
Clearance specifications for most wood swings. For more specs, see Product Specifications
  drawings of hanging a wood swing




Building a swing stand. prowell

how to build a swing stand. prowell

building a pergola. prowell
outdoor arbor wood joinery. prowell


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