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Soft-Arch Four-Post Wood Arbor #15

>>How to Order




For 4x4 posts. Arbor truss 1-1/2" thick x 3-1/2" wide (Posts not included)
Maximum 4' width
between posts
Maximum 6' width
between posts
Maximum 8' width
between posts
>>To 3' depth
>>To 5' depth

For 6x6 posts. Arbor truss 1-1/2" wide x 5-1/2" wide (Posts not included)
<to 4' width
<to 6' width
<to 8' width
>>To 3' depth
>>To 5' depth
* Depth and width dimensions are listed as I.D. (Inside Dimensions between your posts)
* Custom built to your site-provided measurements.
* Designed to mount onto your site posts, site columns, or site beams..
* To translate this 4-post arbor into a 2-post, view the Prowell Corbel options.



The Four-Post Garden Arbor #15 specifications:

* Soft radius, with mortised slats.
* Arched trusses at 1-1/2" thickness x 3-1/2" or 5-1/2" width.
* Optional Keystone
* Built to your specified radius and width dimensions.
* Shipped fully assembled.

* When accompanying a gate that has an arched top rail, the radius of the arbor and the gate are commonly matched.

Arbor #15
  Shown with mounting caps to set atop site posts.
  four post arching wood arbor #15


    GARDEN ARBOR #15-5



arden Gate Arbor #15-5 shows 5-1/2" wide trusses with a soft arch to match that of the accompanying gate style #20.
The full insert keystone.
Trusses at 3" thickness instead the standard 1-1/2". *Add $175.

Arbor #15-5
garden gate wood arbor #15-5


    GARDEN ARBOR #15-5

Orinda, CA

arden Gate Arbor #15-5 as a free-standing assembly.
Shown with optional Foyer Panels Style #21, with the open grids acting the perfect host for climbing vines. Base Cost +18%

If you've young'ns and there's been an absence of Quality Time this week, call them in now. Cradle them on your lap and tell them to find 6 things in this photos that are odd. (Answers at the bottom of this page).

Arbor #15-5
craftsman wood arbor #15



Orinda, CA

A good look at the flush-joined grids of the optional Foyer Panel.

And if your munchkin toddler is still with you, soothe them from being too worried. Rodney and his sweetheart Miss Mullens have taken a stroll in the gardens when they spot something. Something so unusual they climb the trellis for a better look and suddenly, suddenly they fear for their lives! Something . . . what? Prehistoric? Well, we may never know.

Arbor #15-5
wood garden arbors in San Francisco bay area



Orinda, CA

arden Gate Arbor #15-5 as a free-standing assembly prior to installation of the Foyer Panels and the eventual maturing foliage.

Arbor #15-5


    GARDEN ARBOR #15-4

Orinda, CA

The Garden Arbor #15-4 shown with Garden Gate style #20 as a 2-post assembly
Showing Prowell's Arched Corbel #1

To view the corbel styles and pricing, click here
Arbor #15-4
custom wood arching arbor trellis in Orinda, CA


    GARDEN ARBOR #15-2

Orinda, CA

The Garden Arbor #15-2 shown with Garden Gate style #20, without a keystone.

Here we see the radius of the gate arch considerably softer than that of the arbor, primarily because the gate width is 60". To match the gate radius to that of the arbor would have raised the gate arch, and consequently the overall height of the arbor. To match the arbor radius to the softer gate radius would have altered the aesthetics of the arbor considerably. It's never a cut-and-dry option.

*To critique our own work, or rather the height of the installer's post, the overall approach would have been improved had the arbor been separated from the gate's height by another 8 or so inches.

Arbor #15-2
wood garden arbors in Orinda, California


Arbor #15-2
arden Arbor #15-2 is configured to allow a lighting fixture mounted to the underside of the arbor. To have your arbor wired for a lighting fixture with fully concealed wiring, as shown below: add $275. The wiring is embedded and will stub out coiled from the mounting cap with sufficient length to run the length of the site post and junctioned at grade to the source.



Mill Valley, CA

n early #15 Gate Arbor as an extension to existing 6x6 posts. The side, or 'Foyer' panels, show arching top rails.

Shown with Garden Gate #57, and Fence Style #3.

Arbor #15-A
Fout-Post wood gate arbor #15 in Marin County, CA



Mill Valley, CA

The same Four-Post Garden Arbor photographed 15 years later. The homeowner originally applied a single application of a Cabot Heartwood oil, which gradually grayed out to the weathered look below. Finishing the Prowell products does not prolong their life or preserve their structural integrity.

Your decision to apply a finish should be based upon your visual preference only. To avoid finishes that are less than optimal, please follow the guidelines and suggested products at Pre-Finish Options.

Arbor #15-A
garden arbors with Arch in Marin county, CA


    GARDEN ARBOR #15-3



Sausalito, CA

The Original Garden Gate Arbor #15, from 1994. Overlooking the San Francisco Bay.
Again, with an early keystone design that has since been modified.
Both the gate and arbor with the same arching radius.

Arbor #15-1
Wood Garden Gate Arbor with arch in Sausalito, CA




good look at the full insert Arbor Keystone.

Arbor #15-5 Progress
wood arching arbors with keystones




Set up on Ben Prowell's workbench, where the mortises were cut by hand with a lovely old Stanley #71 Router Plane

#15-2 IN-Progress
\How to build a wood arbor with arches, prowell

The Stanley Router Plane. A lost art, single-handedly being revived.

#15-2 IN-Progress
\Arch wood gate arbor, by prowell
#15-2 IN-Progress

The cross slats are given a stepped-haunch tenon

joining wood arbor pieces, prowell
#15-2 IN-Progress

The mirrored trusses mortised with their flywheel pattern

\custom garden arbor trellis woodworks, prowell
#15-2 IN-Progress

Ben fashioning the inlay keystone with the Stanley Router Plane.

arbor gate trellis in wood, prowell




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Answers to image #15-5:
Dolores the Dinosaur, bottom right corner
Lucille the Red Ladybug, bottom right corner
Calvin the Caterpillar, left margin
Bradly the Red Bird, upper left background
Red Rose, peaking from the garden onto the picture frame
Green leaf, peaking from the garden onto the left frame.

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