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Prowell's Custom Wood Arbor #17

>>How to Order




Short post extensions included
Maximum 4' width
between posts
Maximum 6' width
between posts
Maximum 8' width
between posts
>>To 3' depth
>>To 5' depth
* Depth and width dimensions are listed as I.D. (Inside Dimensions between your posts)
* Custom built to your site-provided measurements.
* Designed to mount onto your site posts, site columns, or site beams..

La Jolla, CA

As an extension assembly set to walls, columns, or even posts. When mounting to site posts that have been cut to a preferred height, the Arbor assembly arrives with four mounting caps fixed to the bottom of the Arbor extension posts, seating themselves as an entire assembly onto the site posts. When mounting to walls or columns, the short post extensions will normally mount using threaded rod, eliminating the need for mounting caps.

Arbor #17
Wood garden and gate Arbors #17 in La Jolla, CA
Arbor #17

La Jolla, CA

Showing the accompanying Driveway Gate #24
And Pedestrian Gate #94
To imagine all this without the Arbor Trellis is to imagine a much planer canvass.

  Custom Wood Gate Arbors #17
Arbor #17
La Jolla, CA

look at the architecture of the house and landscape.
Wood Gate Arbor in San Diego, CA
Arbor #17

La Jolla, CA

The overhead Inset Panel with it's joined grid pattern.

  Wood Arbor Trellis #17  
Arbor #17
  The Arbor Inset Panel  
  Custom Wood Arbor trellis #17 in San Diego, CA  

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Custom Wood Arbors
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