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Prowell's Wood Arbor Trellis #19

>>How to Order




Posts not included
Maximum 4' width
between posts
Maximum 6' width
between posts
Maximum 8' width
between posts
>>Up to 4' depth
>>Up to 6' depth
* Depth and width dimensions are listed as I.D. (Inside Dimensions between your posts)
* Custom built to your site-provided measurements.
* Designed to mount onto your site posts, site columns, or site beams..


Arbor #19-2

arden Arbor #19 from above, which can be seen only from the rooftop neighbors.
  custom wood arbor trellis in the Bay Area



Arbor #19-2

Palo Alto, CA

Four-Post Wood Arbor Trellis with overhead inset panel and a front and rear Valance Panel. The Garden Arbors ship as complete assemblies to be seated on top of existing site posts, masonry columns, or as an extension to site posts, shown below. The entire assembly, weighing 175 lbs, is set onto the site posts..
  Custom Wood Gate Arbor trellis #19 in Palo Alto, CA


Arbor #19-2

orner view.

Typical Prowell 4x4 Cap
To Prowell Post Caps



Arbor #19-2

  custom wood garden gate arbor #19-2 in san francisco bay area


Arbor #19-2

The overhead insert panel.

  flush-joined arbor panels by prowell



Arbor #19

Highland, New York

The homeowner has relocated a series of existing picket fences to become a part of the overall
assembly until, we're told, until they eventually commission us to provide the proper flanking and foyer panels.

And what are potted palms doing in New York?

  wood arbor pergola #19 in New York


Arbor #19

Highland, New York

Each of the varying methods of joinery used in Arbor Trellis #19 are utilized for a purpose. All driven by design to allow the assembly to breath, to expand and contract. When these parameters are met, in conjunction with stress loads called upon each segment, we have a construction that will by all accounts last far into the future.

  wood garden pergola arbor in New York


Arbor #19

Highland, New York

A subsequent photo sent in during the record-setting winter of 2013-14.
  Wood arbor trellis  #19 in snow in New York



    GARDEN ARBOR #19-1

Greenbrea, CA

The original #19 Four-Post Wood Arbor Trellis with Drop-In Ceiling Panel and one Valance Panel.

When within the UPS Freight limitations, Arbor #19 ships as a complete assembly to be seated on top of the site posts or beams. The blow assembly weighs approximately 125 lbs.

While the Smiths sleep, dreaming of sliver-lined clouds, an epic battle rages. Waged across continents, the eternal good vs evil in a proprietary struggle for balance within the cosmos of a teetering inequality.

Arbor #19-1
custom wood gate arbor pergola #19-1 in Marin County, CA
Arbor #19-1

Greenbrea, CA

he Wood Arbor Ceiling Panel and front Valance panel as flush-joined assemblies.
The underside of the arbor cross-beams is notched to accept the site posts.

  gate arbor custom



Charles applying the top caps.
Arbor #19-Progress
Building a wood 4-post garden arbor from prowell

Cutting the primary joints by hand.
Arbor #19-Progress

Charles clamping up the leg extensions and valance panels.
Arbor #19-Progress

Ben fitting the mortises and clamping the overhead assembly.
Arbor #19-Progress

With both the lower post extensions and the upper short extensions in place, Ben planes the overhead insert to a perfect fit.
Arbor #19-Progress

Charles dry-fitting the dual tenons for the lower post extensions.
Arbor #19-Progress



This is the Prowell Post Cap.
Arbor #19

Wood Gate Arbors
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