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Prowell's Gabled Wood Gate Arbor #22

>>>How to Order




(Posts not included)
Maximum 4' width
between posts
Maximum 6' width
between posts
Maximum 8' width
between posts
>>To 3' depth
>>To 5' depth
* Depth and width dimensions are listed as I.D. (Inside Dimensions between your posts)
* Custom built to your site-provided measurements.
* Designed to mount onto your site posts, site columns, or site beams..
* To translate this 4-post arbor into a 2-post, view the Prowell Corbel options.



San Francisco, CA

Gable Gate Arbor #22 with Louvered Ceiling Panels (Two panels per side, set at varying heights within the thickness of the 2x6 rafters)

Includes the entire assembly but for the posts

Arbor #22
Gable Wood Gate Arbor #22
Arbor #22

San Francisco, CA

ften the depth of a 4-post Gate Arbor can provide the aesthetics of an inviting foyer to the site.

Shown with Prowell Gate style #4 and Fence style #1

  4-Post Gable wood gate arbor in san francisco
Arbor #22
San Francisco, CA

et to a narrow lot in San Francisco, the Gabled Gate Arbor mimics the front entry gable. Our assembly here includes the arbor, as well as the two Foyer panels and the two front Flanking Fence Panels. And of course the gate itself.
  4-post wood gate arbor #22 in san francisco, ca
Arbor #22
San Francisco, CA
  gable wood entry arbor by Prowell


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