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Prowell's Wood Arbor / Pergola #23

>>How to Order




(Posts and Wraps not included)
<to 6' width
<to 8' width
<to 10' width
<to 12' width
<to 14' width
>>To 4' depth
>>To 6' depth
>>To 8' depth
Beam Wraps
Priced as four count. Two per each beam.
Post Wraps
Priced as four count. Two per each post
>>To 4' depth
    >>To 8' height
>>To 6' depth
    * Includes four grid wraps and four solid faces.
>>To 8' depth
* Depth and width dimensions are listed as I.D. (Inside Dimensions between your posts)
* Custom built to your site-provided measurements.
* Designed to mount onto your site posts, site columns, or site beams..
*All Arbors beyond 60" between posts require some site assembly (San Francisco Bay Area deliveries excepted). The primary beams are shipped separately, fully joined for simple assembly on site. Drop in insert panels are shipped separately, fully assembled.

Prowell's custom wood Garden Arbor/Pergola #23 is a derivative of the popular Trellis Arbor #19. A similar drop-in overhead insert panel illustrating a little different grid pattern.

For all Arbors of lengths over 8', the beam assemblies are shipped in components, pre-mortised and to be assembled on site. The beams in one box, the insert panels in another. On site, the open joints on the beams simply fit together, and the fully assembled insert panels simply drop in place.

Designed to draw off the side-wall, as shown.

The below photos are Pre-finished with WoodRX 'Chestnut"
See Pre-finish Options

Arbor #23
custom wood garden arbor pergola #23 in Portland, Oregon



Portland, Oregon

There are essentially two site applications for Arbor Trellis #23.

1) Your contractor installs two beams mounted off the side-wall., supported by two posts. If the shown beam and post grid-wrap panels are being used, the posts and beams can be pressure-treated. The beams mount to the side-wall with beam brackets (scroll down for this photo). The arbor pergola sits atop the beams. The posts and beams are wrapped with the Grid Wraps, as shown below. Your dimensioned drawings provided by Prowell will call out the specific dimensions of the post and beam placements.

2) The above application but without the post and beam grid-wrap panels. Because these are to be exposed, cedar posts and beams are preferred. The two outer arbor cross-beams are mounted directly to the side-wall with beam brackets, eliminating the need for the structural beams described above. The site contractor sets two posts as per the Prowell drawings. There are no post or beam Grid Wraps, as shown below.

3) By eliminating the post and beam grid-wrap panels, you can opt to mount the arbor cross-beams directly to the house and eliminate the two structural beams. The two outer arbor cross-beams are extended to the desired distance and are seated with appropriate bracket hardware.

** Optional application: If you prefer Arbor Pergola #23 as a stand-alone assembly such as #19, the current horizontal Wrap grids will be incorporated as Valance Panels on all four sides. This provides lateral rigidity. If there are Prowell fence panels set between any two posts, the need for the Valance panels on that side becomes optional.

Complicated? Just write or call and explain more or less what you want as we'll design the solution.

Arbor #23
wood garden arbpr #23 on Portland, Oregon. prowell

Portland, Oregon
Arbor #23
custom wood trellis pergola #23 in Oregon


Portland, Oregon
Arbor #23
custom wood trellis #23 by Prowell

Portland, Oregon

The two primary support beams coming off the house are wrapped on both faces, as with the posts. The beam and posts were stained a darker color on site with a long-lasting Sansin product prior to the arrival of the trellis and wraps. The wraps are designed for quick removal to maintain the beam finish every 7-8 years or so.

Arbor #23
wood garden arbor trellis #23 by Prowell



Portland, Oregon

There is of course a pattern, a geometry, to the grids.

The grid wraps are backed so when mounted to the beam and posts, there is a 1/8" clearance, disallowing the cavities without light and air flow that bacteria/fungus thrives on.

Arbor #23
wood garden arbor trellis in Portland by Prowell

Portland, Oregon

The view from the livingroom window.

Arbor #23
custom wood garden arbor pergola #23 from Prowell

Portland, Oregon

Arbor #23
custom wood pergola in Portland




The primary center Insert Panel.
The center-point is a tighter grid, flanked by grids on either side featuring gloss black acrylic 1/2" x 1/2". On the outside center grids 1/2" diameter red acrylic embedded, or 'seated' into a fluted trough.

Arbor #23
The joinery for garden arbor trellis #23
Arbor #23

The centerpiece grid.
Prowell complex joinery for arbor #23

Arbor #23

The wraps. The beam wrap on the left. The post wrap on the right.

  custom wood arbor post wraps
custom post and beam wraps by Prowell

Francisco applying the WoodRX pre-finish. A 2-coat spray / back-brush application with a 7-8-yr lifeline.

Arbor #23
How to apply exterior stains for cedar



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