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Prowell Wood Entry Arbor #30

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Price: $7,675

Woodside, CA

An overhanging Arbor to accentuate the entry and provide some detailed workmanship to an architecture of purposeful simplicity.

Arbor #30
Wood Garden Entry Arbor eave #30
Arbor #30

Woodside, CA

Arbor #30
Woodside, CA

he residence featured a sparse and uncluttered facade. Creating an entry grid gate, and overhanging grid Entry Arbor awning helped to introduce a few subtle, but related details.
  Front Wood Overhang Arbor #30 by Prowell
Arbor #30

Woodside, CA

The green LEED's certified house

ow and again we'll include a 'before' photograph. Here we are illustrating the utter loss of any defining detail upon approach to the primary entrance. The stage was set with an entry gate at the front wall (Garden Gate #84), and followed upon entry into the property with the new awning arbor mimicking many of the gate's detailing.

  Wood garden arbor Eave in woodside, ca
Arbor #30
Showing the top of the Arbor Awning, with the fluted tracks. The Plexiglas fits between the tracks, and the run-off is channeled along the flutings to the perimeter.
   Joinery for custom wood Arbor  #30 by Prowell
Arbor #30

The commission began by establishing a front entrance, where Charles first met Brian Van Rheenan, the site contractor. A friendship developed and an ensuing working relationship that for many years has found Brian involved with the vast majority of all of our Bay Area commissions.

Shown below, Charles ventures a site visit around 2005, lured from the shop by the bucolic Woodside, CA, which is nestled in the hills between the Pacific and Silicone Valley. Gate Style #84

  charles prowell visiting the job site in Woodside, CA
Arbor #30


NOTES: > A number of details in the home's architecture suggested a work that would accomplish three things:

1) Establish the entry while providing a focal point to a residence in need of defining details.
2) Mirror the distinctive radius corners of the residence.
3) Enable Charles to finally enact a design that has pestered him for far too long; an overhead structure with beveled glass and Plexiglas lites that enjoys southern exposure. The exposure is everything, in that here we are available to the arc of the sun's path for a number of hours every day. As the sunlight strikes the glass, the light is thrown onto not just the surface below, but diffused through the glass entry door and onto the wood floors of the foyer with a prismatic refraction.


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