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Prowell's Wood Arch Garden Arbor #9

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(Posts not included)
  *3-1/2" width for site posts that are surfaced 4x4's. * 5-1/2" width is for site posts that are surfaced 6x6's.  
Truss Specs
Maximum 4' width
between posts
Maximum 6' width
between posts
Maximum 8' width
between posts
3" T x 3-1/2"W
3" T x 5-1/2"W



Wood Arbor #9 as a single-truss with a full insert center keystone. Mounting to walls and columns (with the use of the short post extensions shown), or mounting to existing site posts, without the short post extensions shown.

Shown as 3" thick x 3-1/2" wide.

3"T x 3-1/2"(With Keystone)
Wood Arched  Arbor

Palo Alto, CA

The original Arbor #9 in Palo Alto, CA. Mounted to stucco walls and wired for a light fixture. For mounting such fixtures, Prowell ships the arbor with concealed wiring drawn up from the bottom of the extension posts and out the bottom of the keystone, leaving plenty of wiring for the necessary connections on both ends. For such applications, add $175.

On the right, our happy customers.

  custom wood arbor  
Gate Arbor


Arbor #9 shown below at 3" thick x 5-1/2" width. With Keystone

wood arch gate arbor. prowell


      3"T x 5-1/2"W (With Keystone)

Walnut Creek, CA

Wood Arbor Design #9-4 and accompanying Garden Gate #60 flanked by a 3rd-party hogwire fence.
Of all the gate designs, the #60 fit best with the full exposure of a 4" wire grid fence.

wood arching arbor #9-4/. Prowell

Walnut Creek, CA

custom mwood arched arbor in the Bay Area. Prowell



      3"T x 5-1/2"W (With Keystone)

Orinda, CA

ood Gate Arbor #9-3 is a site example of Arbor style #9-2. With Keystone and Mounting Caps. No Extension Posts.
Shown below with Gate style #20 and fence panel style #22.
In the back ground, Arbor #15

Arbor #9-3
custom wood gate arbor #9 from Prowell

    GARDEN ARBOR #9-A (Without Keystone)
      No extension posts. No Keystone. No Mounting Caps
Maximum 4' width
between posts
Maximum 6' width
between posts
Maximum 8' width
between posts
3" T x 3-1/2" W
3" T x 5-1/2" W

Our Wood Arbor #9A, shown below at 3" thick x 3-1/2" width, without the center keystone, nor the mounting caps. Here the arbor ties in directly to the posts, columns, or wall-top with embedded threaded rod.

Arbor #9-A
garden arbors with arches



Monterey, California

Prowell's #9A Gate Arbors shown with Garden Gate style #60.

Pebble Beach golf, Carmel shopping, Monterey Aquarium, migrating whales, , keeling sailboats billowing on the bluest bay.
Meanwhile . . . the hinterland of the old rancheros holds tough to General Vallejo's legacy of a Monterey no one remembers.

Arbor #9A
Garden wood arbors with arches in Monterray, CA



Monterey, California

When mounting flush to the Gate posts, the bottom end-cuts arrive with a 1/8" round-over radius. The site posts must be cut to a clean 90-degree, and the top end-cuts also be radiused to 1/8" round-over. Why? Because the two assemblies may, or may not, expand and contract at varying degrees and the 1/8" eased edges allows some forgiveness.

Arbor #9A
Gate Arbor arched





A good look at the full keystone.
Mocked up in the shop with simulated site posts.

Arbor #9-2 Progress
How to build an arched wood arbor, by prowell



Ben making a few adjustments to a final mock-up.

Arbor #9-2-Progress
Ben Prowell building the arched wood arbor #9


Arbor #9-2 Progress
Building an arched arbor with keystone


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