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Prowell's Cantilever Corner Fence Panels
Cantilevered Corner Fence Panels

The Cantilever Corners were originally developed in the late 1990's as a simple aesthetic to invite further scrutiny. An element of design serving no more purpose than as a visually pleasing innovation appearing where two runs of fencelines meet at a 90-degree turn. But as with nearly every early product development, our end-users have stretched the original purpose to encompass something more.

The Corners are available up to 24" x 24" and at any height. The center miter joints are fortified with the usual array of mortise and tenon joinery.

A few examples below



Upper and Lower Open Pickets



Fence #2-1

The original, at 18" x 18" x 66" ht for an extended fenceline in Marin County, CA

Open Pickets and Upper Grids
Cantilevered Corner Fence Panel #22 with upper grids and lower pickets.
howing the inside view
wood fence cirners #22b

San Francisco, CA

antilevered Corner Fence Panel Style #22, shown in the rear as a solution to circumvent a utility pump.






Lower Panel and Upper Pickets

Marin County, CA

antilevered Corner Fence Panel #1-13

Solid Panel

Fence Panel style #39.
The solid horizontal planks require a center frame stile at the miter.


Bethesda, Maryland

Not what anyone would consider a passable photo, but it's intention is to illustrate fence style #39 as a Cantilever Corner in Maryland.
Along with our gate #115 partially exposed on the right.




Ben Prowell clamping two corner panels to a 90-degree form.





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