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ll Gates in the Galleries #1-#1C are available as Double Gates

All of our double gates are born from the single gate styles. Simply double the cost of a single gate.
There are a few single gates that suggest minor design revisions as double gates.

Moreover, all single gates styles are available as Driveway Gates



All double gates require a cane bolt and a bronze stop.

The preferred cane bolt is #80-100 from Coastal Bronze. This has plastic bushings within the sleeve of the mounts, eliminating the sort of rattling i=outside your bedroom window in the middle of the night that will, over time, drive you to the looney bin, They come in three lengths. The common length is 20". But . . . the longer the cane bolt, the better leverage, and consequently less wobble or shake as the operable gate latches into the fixed gate.

The Bronze Stop #50-250 is another Coastal Bronze product and is required as a fixed stop for the operable gate to close into the fixed gate. Without this and the latch bar itself serves this role. But the latches are expensive and after a few hundred potential slams, the latch is vulnerable to breakage. The operable gate should strike the Bronze Stop just prior to the latch bar engaging the strikeplate.

To Cane Bolt #80-100

To Bronze Stop #50-250


Double Gates have the same 1/4" hinge clearance as single gates.
The center gap is 1/2" instead of the single gate clearance of 3/8".





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