How to Build a Garden Gates that last for 50 years!

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Specifications for Exterior Woodworking Joint #9



Full Through Wedged Floating Tenon w/Dowel Locking Keys

A long-winded title for a joint developed as a more efficient solution to the key haunches of Joint #9-1

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Joinery #9
How to Build a wood gate with wood joinery

Joinery #9

Gate Style #87

Woodworking joinery for wood gates, from Prowell


Joinery #9
Build wood gates that last 50 years, from Prowell

Joinery #9

Gate style #115-2

Building a wood gate that lasts, from prowell



The mortise is created on a Laguna horizontal mortiser. 1" thick. Because each pass has a maximum depth of only 4", and our stiles are 5-1/4", lines are transcribed to enable to stock to be flipped end-for-end to complete the mortise from the opposite edge.

Although this same procedure can be accomplished with a simple mortise box and plunge router, the alignment is somewhat more challenging.

Joinery #9
Creating horizontal mortises for wood gates


The 1"-thick tenon is eased with a roundover bit to the same radius as the corresponding mortise.
Joinery #9
creating tenons for wood gates



As with our other through tenons, we create a snug fit to the mortise. Adding kerfs and expansion bores for the eventual wedges.

Joinery #9
Wood Gate Joinery, from Prowell

If you can slip a tenon into it's mortise without resistance, then the joint is too loose. Re-cut the tenon until it's snug enough that it requires a light tapping with your mallet.

Joinery #9
How to build wood gates, from Prowell

Joinery #9
what joints should I use for building a wood gate




Showing the tenon set to the mortise, extending the width of the eventual stiles, plus a little extra.

Joinery #9
How to Build a Prowell Wood Gate

Creating the wedges out of quarter-sawn oak.

Joinery #9
how to build a wood gate with Prowell Joinery



The stile dry-fitted in place. Once the glue-up process begins, the wedges are set during the same process, while the glue is still wet.

Joinery #9
Complex Joinery for Wood Gates by Prowell

Charles setting the two wedges in place. With each tap you can feel the joint tightening, and thus strengthening.

Joinery #9
build a gate with joints that do not sag

Joinery #9

The 5/16" diameter oak dowel keys set in through the primary stock, and into the tenons.

Joinery #9
Building a wood gate, Fine Homebuilding 2016



Our finished product. Gate #87.
2-1/4" thickness. 6' ht x 6' width.

Joinery #9



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