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For Wood Driveway Gates that are 12' or less overall width, no steel frame required.
The gates simply hang on the same ball-bearing bronze butt hinges as our Pedestrian Gate.

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This Driveway Gate Style is Base Price + 19%
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The geometry of joinery.

A Wood Driveway Gate pattern that would upstage the entry to most homes without an existing Arts & Crafts precedent.

Custom Wood Driveway Gate #16

Although the primary tenons at the four corners are important, each of the joints
within the grid add to the overall strength, insuring the driveway gates will never sag.

Awakened yet again by the recurring nightmare, Adlai suffers the maddening paranoia of a maze without entry or exit. An imprisonment of indecision

  custom wood driveway gates in los gatos, california

Los Gatos, CA

One of the few site photos we have for the Driveway Gate #12. Shown with an accompanying Garden Gate #81.

  custom wood driveway Gates #12 in Los Gatos, CA



The accompanying Garden Gate #81

custom wood garden gate #81 in Silicone Valley, CA


      Base Price + 19%

Bolinas, CA

pair of wood Driveway Gates #12 purchased from our Basement Sale offerings. Basement Sales are made available now and again on certain gates where we've applied the wrong finish, or built the gates to an incorrect dimension. Made available at a fraction of the retail price.

Here shown as the new entry to a retreat set along the Marin Coast in Bolinas, CA. The new owner has seemingly fiddled with the gates to make them fit his opening by widening the two outer vertical stiles.

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custom wood driveway gates on the Marin coast in Bolinas.



At work on the original #12 in the Sebastopol shop.

How to build a wood driveway gate #16

driveway gates
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#12 (0414-Dunne)
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