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Wood Driveway Entrance Gate #14

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Lookout Point, NY

riveway Gate #14-4 at 2-1/4" thickness. Single lower floating panels.

wood driveway gates #14 in New York
Lookout Point, NY

A fairly narrow opening of only 11' 8" between existng stone columns x 72" to the apx. Mounted to jambs tucked to the underside of the column caps.


      Base Price + 12%



The two vertical mid-stiles of the Drive Gate are to accept the motor arm of a stationary pad-mounted style motor. These mid-stiles are placed such that they accomodate whatever motor style is being used by the site contractor.

Custom wood Driveway gates #14

Kent Woodlands, CA

Driveway Gate #14 in Marin County, CA as an assembly, flanked by a pedestrian gate on the right and a stationary Wood Fence Panel on the left, separated by four Prowell Lighted Columns #3

  custom wood driveway gate #14 in Marin County

Kent Woodlands, CA

For the accompanying pedestrian gate, the homeowners have insisted upon utilizing a Rofu-style electronic lock-set. A convenient solution to provide security when the house itself is not visible to approaching visitors. And yet Prowell does not support electronic access simply because the lock-set required mandates a close swing clearance, such as the lockset of a front residential door. But a gate is exposed to the elements and a front door is insulated on one side and covered by a jamb and roof. The gate will swell and contract with the seasons, and there is a 30 percent probability those lock-sets configured with an electronic access will not close in the wetter seasons.

More on Electronic Access

  driveway entrance gates in marin county

# 14-2
      Base Price + 12%

Essex, Connecticut

s a handsome looking entry in rural Connecticut where we have double off-set Driveway Gates where the smaller gate is available for pedestrian use. This configuration can also be seen with Driveway Gate style #2-4

*Showing the added upper center vertical stile separating the blue-stain pickets.

  custom wood driveway gates #14 in Conecticut
# 14-2

Essex, Connecticut

ere the contractor has elected to mount a steel plate to the columns using a threaded rod embedded all the way to the block core. He then welds his pivot style hinges to the steel and bolts the other end to the wood gate. (See Specifications)

  custom wood driveway gates in Conecticut


      Base Price + 12%


Menlo Park, CA
Driveway Gates #41-4 in Silicone Valley, CA, mounted to steel 6x6 posts.
Shown with Fence Style #1.
It's also an opportunity to illustrate the effect of a simple brick threshold border that parallels the gateway.

custom wood driveway gates in Silicone Valley, CA

Menlo Park, CA

lthough commonly the gates would extend off the corner of the house, here we see how the adjoining panels bring the gateway out another 12', increasing the enclosed area while adhering to the local codes of a 12' setback from the sidewalk.

wood driveway gates #14 in the San Francisco Bay Area


      Base Price + 9%


Novato, CA

The original Driveway Gate #14 from the mid-1990's in Hamilton Field, Marin County. Shown with a softer arch. The overall opening is less than 12' and does not require a steel frame.
Original Wood Driveway Gate 14 in Marin County, CA



Planing the softly arching underside of the top rail.
Once the arc has beem scribed with a radius stick, and roughed out on the bandsaw, the edge is tuned to create a consistent, smooth arc using the circular compass plane.

Set the plane onto the underside of the arch and adjust the top gear to where the sole matches the radius of the arch. It essentially does the same job as the spokeshave, but better.

Using a Radius Plane to create the arch of a driveway gate

tanley Victor #20 Cast Iron Circular Compass Plane. Circa 1879



driveway gates
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