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Prowell's Custom Wood Driveway Gate #17

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Never confuse Flush-Joined grids with overlapped lattice. The pattern of Driveway Gate #17 is nothing short of labor intensive.

custom wood driveway gates #17

Long Beach, CA

Note: A Photo of the installed Driveway Gate #17 sent in from southern California

We appreciate those who take the time and trouble to send finished installation photos, such as these. Because we cannot travel the country to secure finished photographs of our Driveway Gates, we depend entirely on the generosity of our patrons to provide us with photos of their completed projects.

  cusrom wood driveway gates in Los Angeles

Long Beach, CA

The adjoining Garden Gate #28

  Wood Driveway Gates in Southern California
  Back to the lattice, which is something one buys at a Home Depot. (This is merely an assumption, as Charles has never set foot inside a Home Depot, nor a WalMart, nor even a Costco.)
  Open Grid Wood Driveway Gates #17 in Los Angeles

Adjoining Wood Fence Panel #31
A matching Wood Fence style complimenting the Driveway Gate #17.
Fence #31 click here.

custom wood garden fence #31

driveway gates
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