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Wood Privacy Driveway Gates #19

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Solid wood privacy Driveway Gates.


Bolinas, CA

Driveway Gates #19 on the Marin County coast.
Two equal 6' wide gate leaves. Non automated.

Solid wood driveway privacy gates in Bolina, CA

Bolinas, CA

On the opposite side of this sprawling property set to the very edge of the cliff overlooking the Pacific, an Offset Driveway Gate with the right side at 60" width for pedestrian access.

wood privacy driveway gates #19 in Marin County





San Francisco, CA (Noe Valley)

Although the Victorian architecture is so prevalent in our own backyard, Prowell has no specific styles to compliment such a motif. So, the plain #19, which serves with such simplicity as a quiet accompaniment.

solid wood driveway gate #19 in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA (Noe Valley)

Solid Body stain finishes such as this require the gates to be installed and exposed to the local climate for 2-3 weeks prior to finishing. See more about Exterior Finishes.

custom wood driveway gate #19 in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA (Noe Valley)

A view of the architecture itself.

wood driveway gate 19 in San Francsisco



solid wood driveway gates #19-1


      Base Price


Penngrove, CA

Driveway Gates #19-2 illustrates an overall opening of 25 feet, requiringfour wood gates mounted onto two exposed steel frames.
#19-2 also features two horizontal middle rails.

The solid bronze false hinge-fronts and clavos are optional.

custom wood driveway gates #19-2 in Sonoma County, CA

Penngrove, CA

custom wood driveway gates with steel frames



Penngrove, CA

The accompanying Garden Gate #30-5



driveway gates
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