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Wood Sliding Driveway Gates #24

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The left leaf of the Wood Driveway Gates #24.
Receding flush-joined grid.

  pyramid pattern joined wood driveway gate by Prowell Woodworks



LaJolla, CA

Available as sliding or double swing gates.

*More specifications and photos can be found on sliding driveway gates at Product Specifications. A look at various motors, frames, hinges, and alignment rollers.

  custom wood sliding driveway gates in LaJolla, CA

La Jolla, CA

The accompanying Pedestrian Entrance Gate, Arbor, Pony panels, and even the mail slot door. --The pyramid style pattern of the gate grids compliments the low-slung roof line. All of it illustrates the importance of understanding the hierarchy of a site's presentation; the residential architecture may establish a prominence, but it is undeniably the Driveway Gate and it's accomplices which create the impressionable motif.


  Sliding wood driveway gates in California

La Jolla, CA

Along LaJolla's Nautilus Drive

Chares designed the pyramind pattern on the driveway and pedestrian gates to compliment the three gabled barge rafters.

  Sliding wood driveway gates #24 in San Diego

LaJolla, CA

  wood entrance driveway gates in san diego, ca


* For more Information on Sliding Drive Gates, visit Products Specifications/Driveway Gates


La Jolla, CA

Charles visiting the site several years after the installation.

  Charles prowell with his wood driveway gates #24 in San Diego

LaJolla, CA

A before photo. And given the traffic along Nautilus Drive, we can begin to understand the need for the sound wall.

  driveway gates with stucco columns


More on the varipus Sliding option on the Specifications Page

wood gates Example of the Dual Rollers riding on a Secondary Alignment Track. The rollers are welded or bolted to the gate's steel frame, and sandwich the lower secondary to maintain the gate's vertical alignment. This requires you have the space needed for the lower secondary track, usually set at a height of about 20"-24" off grade.
  wood gates The steel frame is a single span frame, exposed on the property side, with the two wood gate leaves surface-mounting onto the frame. Upon approach, it appears as a standard bi-parting double driveway gate.


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