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Prowell's Wood Driveway Gates #25

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This Driveway Gate Style is Base Price + 32%
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Privacy Driveway Gate #25 is priced at +32% because of the sheer girth of lumber involved.
It features upper and lower wood pickets held to only 1/2" spacing. Both upper and lower picket thicknesses at 1-1/2" thickness. Per square foot the heaviest gate we offer.

At 1/2" spacing, the gap between the pickets is exposed only if your are standing head on. A few degrees to either side and the exposure is blocked by the edge of the adjacent picket. In this manner we can accomplish a privacy gate without resorting to the barrier of a solid panel gate.

  custom wood privacy driveway gates #25

Palo Alto, CA

Prowell's Privacy Driveway Gate #25 in Silicone Valley, CA, The posts were cut flush with the top of the gate and sealed with a liquid wax emulsion.

  Wood Driveway  Gates #25 in Silicone Valley, CA

Palo Alto, CA

Showing how the two narrow flanking panels are created as fill, utilizing the full property-line but allowing the gates themselves to encompass only the brick paving.

  Custom wood driveway Gates in the San Francisco Bay Area
he connecting, or flanking Fence Panels, with their solid inserts and full tenoned joinery, combining the strength and rigidity of duel posts.
  Driveway Gates Southern California
The upper section, assembled separately to minimize the sheer number of joints competing with the setting glue.
  building a wood driveway gate #25 by Prowell
Palo Alto, CA

ur patron, seemingly pleased
  custom wood driveway gates in Palo Alto, CA


      Base Price + 32%


Bethesda, MD

Driveway Gate #25-1 within a housing park in the DC Beltway.
Wood Driveway Gates in Washington DC


Bethesda, MD

Not the most bucolic background, while nevertheless managing to illustrate the low visibility of this style
custom wood driveway gates #25 in Maryland



driveway gates
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