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Prowell's Arts and Crafts Driveway Gates #29

Photos Courtesy of Alice Patterson Photography

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The Arts & Crafts Driveway Gate #29
Arts and Crafts Wood driveway Gates #29

Claremont, CA (Near Pasadena)


Prowell's Lighted Gate Columns mounted over 6" steel posts. We show a minimal lighted area in this application. Local codes prevented the columns rising any higher than 78", with the gate height itself at 72". Because the gate must utilize the steel post within the column for it's structural hinging, and the steel posts extend only to the lighted area, we are restricted to some extent on lowering the column height to match the driveway gate. A little confusing, and why every driveway gate with adjoining gate Columns is adapted to the specific application, with dimensioned drawings as a last line of defense.

The matching flanking panels are often employed to fill out a Driveway Gate rough opening.


Column Style #2

custom wood driveway gates #29 in Pasadena, CA

Claremont, CA

n the neighborhood ten years after installation, Charles took the below photograph, as well as several more, which can be seen on Fence Style #24 The original owners had long since moved away.

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custom wood driveway gates in Los Angeles, CA



The flanking fence panel on the left, and the Column Style #2 on the right.

Flanking Panels Fence Style #29:
Column Style #2: Click here

wood fence panels
custom wood landscape columns




Garden Fence Style #29 was later developed as an accompaniment to Driveway Gate #29.
To Garden Fence #29
custom wood garden fence #29


      Base Price + 24%

South Pasadena, CA

ood Driveway Gate #19-1 features a gabled top rail.

custom wood driveway gates in Pasadena from Prowell



South Pasadena, CA

ood Driveway Gate #19-1 as a Bi-Parting Sliding function. Each gate sliding away from the center. Shown with a 3rd-party fence.



Ben Prowell gluing up the first stage of the upper patterns.

building a custom wood driveway gate with ben prowell

Charles Prowell gluing up the second stage of the upper patterns.

how to create the joinery for a Prowell Driveway Gate

Charles running the pattern assemblies through the drum sander. The final sanding is with an Random Orbital hand-held sander at 120-grit.

Building a custom wood driveway gate #29

A dry fit, with the yellow rule illustrating the eventual gable layout

Building wood driveway gates #29

For Driveway Gates without steel frames--at 12' or less overall rough opening--we use our Joint #9, slightly modified with square shoulders.

driveway gate joinery

The tenon itself buried 3-1/2" into the horizontal rail, and carries through the vertical stile, where it accepts two quarter-sawn oak wedges, drive in to expand the tenon tightly against the squares shoulders of the mortise. This effectively locks the joint forever, regardless of the local humidity or temperature changes. A somewhat complicated procedure providing the results of an assembly that will never sag.

mortise and tenon joinery for wood driveeway gates #29


joinery for driveway gates by prowell




ben prowell building driveway gate #29-2


driveway gates\
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