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Prowell's Wood Driveway Gate #31

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This Driveway Gate Style is Base Price + 24-28%
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Mill Valley, CA

Driveway gate style #31-2 features only 3 rows of upper grids. Equally spread across the width and hight of the grid pattern.
Grid sizes at 5.48" each.


Mill Valley, CA

Driveway gates that swing out toward the street are required by most codes to have a 12' set-back from the sidewalk.
Hdere we see heavy-duty strap hinges, provided by the site.
Also the cane bolt, exposed to the street view.
The bottom clearance is less than optimal and would be best at 2" between the gate and the grade.

custom wood driveway gates #31-2 in Marin County. prowell



Red Bank, New Jersey

Gate style #31-1 was part of an extensive fence-line in New jersey. Because the gates and fence panels all share the same grid sizes, but different net widths, the grid pattern on the driveway gate shows the remainders on the right and left aside of each gate. Grid sizes 4.02" each. We should receive site photos of this striking lot fronting the Atlantic and the Navesink River

custom wood drvieway gates with grids in New Jersey



This Driveway Gate Style is Base Price +37%

The original #31 features multiple lower solid panels
Because this was a stand-alone gate, the grids were calculated for equal grids both vertically and horizontally.

custom wood driveway gate #31

Cape Ann, MA

Sent to us from Cape Ann, Massachusetts in 2005.

  Custom wood driveway gates #31 in Massachusetts




Shop Views--2017

Although the joinery varies widely, we've opted for this 12' overall opening without steel what might be called a 'Through floating mortise and tenon with expanding oak wedges in both the exposed hinge stile, as shown below, as well as blind wedges within the tenon-to-rail mortise'. A mouthful.

wood gate joinery

Shop Views-2018

Charles cutting the top tenon flush.

joinery for wood gates by prowell

Shop Views-2018


Shop Views 2017

Let's go ahead with a few explanatory images that will at once be of interest to you, our potential patron, while also spoon-feeding the legions of aspiring competitors toward the secret sauce that, in part, accounts for why this gate will be around 50 or years, or until some unlikely event like a wayward comet makes its landfall at the foot of your property. And it should be noted, here and now, that we charge for rebuilding any and all gates obliterated by, well . . . by wayward comets.

The basic premise shown below.

what joinery is used for building wood gates

Shop Views

The exposed Through Tenon and Wedges on the vertical stiles at the bottom of the image serve to expand the tenon against the shoulders of the mortise with a permanency that will, with exposure to dew and fog and rain and humidity, expand and become even tighter. While in the drier season, the joint will shrink back to the original fit created in the shop.


Shop Views

The blind wedges shown as they feed into the 3" deep mortise in the horizontal rails.
As the tenon is tapped in place, the wedges will eventually reach the back of the mortise and with each subsequent tap, they drive themselves into the tenon, expanding the cheeks against the shoulders of the mortise.




driveway gates
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