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A Traditional Driveway Gate Design with Embedded Steel Frames

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The left leaf of Driveway Gate #33.
As an embedded steel gate, the top of the left stile featues a 1" pin welded to the inner frame and rising proud to fit the site-provided pivot plate.
On the bottom, the plate with its 1" dia pin is welded to the inner frame and will correspond to the pivot plate of the in-ground motor

Our wood driveway gates with the embedded steel frames are complicated to build, and insistent on aligning the various pivot pins to the specs of the in-ground motor housings to 1/32" tolerance, lest the gates swing out of alignment and stress the motor bearings.

But . . . the advantage, to some, is the ability to feature a wood gate that spans an opening of any width, without exposing the steel frames.

Custom Wood Driveway Gate #33



Ross, CA

With In-Ground automation, the motors are concealed below the stone directly beneath the gates. Whereas the traditional motors are mounted on a concrete pad just inside each gate post. A visual expression of approximately 28" x 24".

In-ground: The CUBIC 6H-6HV for heavy dutyuse--- by Ditec Entrematic
For San Francisco Bay Area In-Ground automation, contact Ted Olsen: email:

Custom Wood Driveway Gate #33 in Marin County, CA



Ross, CA

One of two identical automated Driveway Entrance Gates in Marin County, CA to accomodate an entry / exit driveway configuration. With a matching pedestrian gate in the center.

Double Wood Driveway Gate #33 in San Francisco area


      Base Price + 18%

Custom wood driveway gate #33-1



Mobile, Alabama

Driveway Gate #33-1 in Alabama.
Flanked by a pair of panes provided by the site.

Custom wood driveway gate #33-1 in Alabama

Mobile, Alabama

The photo of the site that helped us to settle on the #31 as the best solution to compliment the architecture.

Wood Driveway gates in the South.



#33-1 Progress


Truing the top rail radius
look at this ancient tool. The bottom sole of the plane is adjusted by the threaded knob on top to conform to the concave and convex radius of the stock.

Radii plane for building arched wood gates

The bottom edge is created by tracing the top profile with a mortising gauge set to the width of the rail, or 5-1/4".

Step-by-step guide to building a wood gate

driveway gates
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#33--1420-SS Landscaping