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Prowell's Wood Driveway Gate #4
Featuring Vertical Pickets with Pattern Blocks

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This Driveway Gate Style is Base Price + 9% (w/Pattern Blocks)
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Half of a typical Driveway Gate style #4.
To stabilize the vertical pickets, Pattern Blocks were introduced in the mid '90s . . . joined to the pickets with small sturdy tenons.
Without the Pattern Blocks and the overall height is limited to only 60". Beyond that and the pickets are vulnerable to bowing and cupping just enough to throw off the visual eye of the uniform spacing

The actual pattern itself runs the gamut, restricted only by the dictum that every picket must be connected to a Pattern Block on at least one edge.

Driveway Gate #4
custom wood driveway Gates #4 with open pickets
Driveway Gate #4

Mill Valley, CA (Marin County)

As a single-span sliding gate, flanked by two lighted columns.

  wood driveway gate #4 in Marin Couynty, CA
Driveway Gate #4

Mill Valley, CA (Marin County)

A series of Fence Panels style #16 terracing off to the left, and the Garden Gate style #32 on the right.

Driveway Gate #4

Mill Valley, CA (Marin County)

Now and again it helps to see a site before the transition.
An open exposure providing little privacy from the passing eccentrics . . . such as Charles' illegitimate bastard twin, Chuck, who has no credible reason to be in this neighborhood, nor this county, nor the entire state for that matter. Someone should notify someone. This is trouble!

Driveway Gate #4

Mill Valley, CA (Marin County)

The gates open by sliding through the lighted column

Driveway Gate #4

Mill Valley, CA (Marin County)

A view from within the property.

Fence Panel style #16 shown

Driveway Gate #4

Mill Valley, CA (Marin County)

The single-span steel frame, to which the wood gates are mounted. 2" x 2" hollow tube steel.

Driveway Gate #4
Mill Valley, CA (Marin County)

Not the best exposure, showing the lighted columns in total darkness.

driveway gates
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