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Prowell's Wood Driveway Gate #5 with a simple repeating grid.

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Driveway Gate #5 features equal grids of approximately 7"-8" square.
custom wood driveway gates #5

Ross, CA

The original Driveway Gate #5 in Marin County, California. Why does Charles love this house? For someone who has spent a lifetime wandering through the most grandiose landscapes and residences in America, this home satisfies a primal contingent: It is simply inviting. You want to know those who lives here. You want them as friends. If for no other reason than you might be invited over to sit beneath the sycamore with a glass of ice tea and an afternoon of small talk. A house to grow old in.
Wood Drive Gate in Marin County, CA

Ross, CA

The matching entry pedestrian gate
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American Bungalow Magazine 2000
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To maintain the equal grid sizes both vertically and horizontally, and yet also maintain a fixed height, we have added a little to the width of both the top and bottom rails.


custom cedar driveway gates in marin county


Piedmont, CA

A carefully restored early 20th century bungalow in the San Francisco East Bay Hills, featuring the open, understated Driveway Gate #5.


Custom wood driveway gates in Oakland


Piedmont, CA

Driveway Gate #5-1 and the flanking pedestrian gate on the right


Wood drveway gates in Piedmont, CA

custom wood garden gates in san francisco bay area hills



Piedmont, CA

Prowell on site, discussing the above project with the highly regarded Brian Van Rheenan.

The most knowledgeable and conscientious contractor the Prowells has ever worked with.


Charles Prowell and Brian Van Rheenan in Oakland, CA




Lead by the math toward an allowance of equal grids vertically and horizontally,, we are left with a bottom rail that is 13-5/8" width.

Our net width per gate is 49-1/2". Less the combined width of the two stiles and we have 39 to work with. Less the 3 vertical dividers and we're down to 31-1/8" divided by 4 grids equals 7.781" per grid. This gives us equal grids across, and if we want to establish the grids as squares --which defines the #5 Drive Gate-- we're relegated to that dimension vertically as well. At 46-1/2" net ht, the only solution available is the bottom rail at 13-5/8".

Or to reduce the size of the grids dramatically from 7.781" to something like 4", which becomes an entirely new aesthetic.


custom wood driveway gates #5



wood driveway gates #5


Piedmont, CA (East Bay Hills)

A fairly narrow opening of only 10-ft by 48" ht.
We must assume the gate will eventually match the finish of the house trim.


custom wood driveway gates #5 In the Oakland Hills


Piedmont, CA


custom wood driveway gates #5 in the East Bay Hills



A section of grid with it's tenons


driveway gates
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