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Prowell's Solid Wood Driveway Gates for full privacy

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Born from the original style designed as a Pedestrian gate style #87, Driveway Gate #7 features a dedicated series of interlocking grids with solid, floating panels. Identical on both sides.
*This is not a piece of plywood with strips of wood nailed in place.

WoodRX Mahogany.

Driveway Gate #7
Paneled Wood Driveway Gates #7
Driveway Gate #7

Showing the side of the gates facing the street.

Gate thickness: 2-1/4"
Horizontal / vertical grid dividers at 1-1/2" thickness.
Insert panels: 3/4" thickness

  eled Wood Driveway Gates #7



Wood Gate



Ben creating the end-cut joints for a typical Driveway Gate style #7


Dry-fitting the cross-members grids. A rather complicated process, showing the property side of the gate prior to fitting the continuous 'stops'.

  wood driveway gates wood joinery

Each panel grid has a drainage hole, as well as troughs to collect the moisture of heavy rains while migrating to the drainage.

Each grid divider is joined to the stiles and rails of the gate frame with full mortise and tenon joinery.

#7 Progress
  The top and bottom rail assembled prior to the two vertical stiles. The four outer panel insets are set to place, with all the remaining panels placed after the stiles have been clamped in place.
#7 Progress

The top rail fitted and joined to the grid. Showing the stub of the full through tenon prior to being joined to the vertical stile.
The kerfs in the tenon are to accept the eventual wedges, which will separate the tenon to an even tighter fit.

#7 Progress

Charles fitting the wedges to the full through tenon.
See Prowell Joint #9

  How to build wood driveway gates by Prowell
#7 Progress
  The endless solid insert panels, each of them sealed with a lifetime emulsified liquid wax to prevent the potential of checking.
#7 Progress

The final step of Prowell's Joint #9 features a pair of oak dowels bored in from the top, down through the tenons as a final layer of insurance.

Also showing the property side where the insert panels are 'stopped'. Each piece is glued and clamped in place.

And who among you really cares? Who really gives a hoot?
Well, obviously Charles and Ben do.
In the new era of the past 10 years, there exist more knock-offs of their products scattered across the country than originals.
So for those who prefer such an approach, we want to impress upon you the level of attention that is given to both the original design and construction of our products while presenting your more affordable hired gun with a level of ammunition he/she may, or may not, possess. May, or may not, be willing, or capable, of replicating.



Featured in Fine Homebuilding 2016
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