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Prowell"s Wood Fence Panels #12
Pendant Patterns for Modernist Architecture

Available to a maximum width of 60"


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This Wooden Fence is Base Price + 140%
(To a max. 60" width)
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The Unique Custom Wood Fence Panel #12 represents one of our more complex offerings. In fact, who are we kidding? The is the most complex and labor intensive design we offer.. No less than 134 joints within the upper Pendant pattern alone.

wood fence pendant squares. prowell.

The vast majority of you are going to dismiss our Wood Fence Panel #12 as an upstaging prima donna. A luminary settled among the more grounded constituents of your current landscapes.

But not all of you. There will be those who are not like the rest of us. Who are defined by a set of parameters not by choice but by the dictum of genetics that have them navigating through the same universal hardscapes we all encounter but with a distinction and certitude unknown to most. So when they call, when they do reach out, we'll relish the opportunity to sprinkle our lives in the shop with the fairy dust of someone slightly apart from the rest of humanity.

custom wood  fence Panel #12

Eastchester, New York




Eastchester, New York

The #12 Wood Fence Panels near Pelham, NY. Along the side of the house.
Created with accompanying Gate style #12

unique wood fence in New York. prowell

Eastchester, New York

Viewed from the other side, and a glimpse of the side-wall stonework as an insight into what prompted the resulting fence design.

wood fence Panel in Upstate New York

Eastchester, New York

Off another corner of the house, the same configuration of three Wood Fence Panels and a matching Garden Gate. A slightly more sloped grade sees each panel and gate stepped uniformly to the overall rise.

One would assume, given the stone architecture, that eventually there will follow a finish. But this is an aesthetic choice only, as the fence panels and gates do not require any finish or seal or waterproofing and will accept the winters of New York with the same indifference as the summers of southern Mississippi. Their life expectancy, barring abrupt impacts, is theoretically forever. A combination of species, specified grades from the mill, old-world joinery, and an accommodation toward self-drainage and seasonal expansion. There is virtually no finish that will serve to prolong their timeliness by a single day. Whereas there are a number of finishes outside of our recommended products that will in fact diminish the integrity of our products.

Stay away from anything requiring a follow-up sealing coat. From anything promising a luster or sheen. From anything with the constituency of paint that pours thicker than molasses. And while this is not to say such products are useless or even damaging, there is a distinction between the methodology of Prowell's products and those products most exterior finishes were developed to address: doors, decking, siding, boats, or the carpenter's fence. All of which are either insulated on one face and protected by a roof-line eave, or restricted in place with nails and screws, or submitted to the high high maintenance schedule of that breed who owns wooden boats.

Your priorities should be an exterior finish that lasts 8+ years between maintenance, and that will never crack or peel or yellow, and that will not inhibit the natural breathing process the wood from season to season.

If you do prefer a finish--and most folks do--please refer to Pre-Finish Options. You can do this yourselves, or have us do it. More importantly, it is imperative you use the correct products, which are discussed in detail.

custom wood fence 12 in new york. prowell



Eastchester, New York

The Matching Garden Pendant Gate #12

custom wood garden gates #12 in New York

Eastchester, New York

The residence. A rambling confluence of stone and glass.

Custom wood gates and fencing in New York



The existing lighting fixtures upon approaching the stone front steps.




Wood Fence Panel #12 begins with the joined and mitered squares. They must be fabricated exactly equal. If they are 1/16" off, the discrepancy will raise its ugly head when assembled to the panel's top and middle rails--see below

#12 Progress
custom wood fence #12 shop techniques, prowell


It is here where the accuracy of the mitered squares pays off.

#12 Progress
shop techniques for fence #12, Prowell



#12 Progress
building a prowell fence #12

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