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Prowell"s Ranch Style Wood Fence Panel #15

Available to a maximum width of 60"

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Posts/caps not included

The Custom Wood Fence Panel #15 features a minimalist upper pattern we might associate with a high-brow ranch setting.

Note: Does not include posts and caps

custom Wood Fence Panels #15



Boise, Idaho

The street-facing view of the Wood Fence Panel #15 in Boise' Warm Springs neighborhood, maintaining local codes at 48" height within 15' of the street, which is a common code for most counties in America. On the right, at the 15' mark, the fence height steps from 48" to 72", using a Prowell Transition Panel as a series of graduating steps. Carrying on to encompass the lot with a total of 87 panels in all.

Custom Wood Fence Panels #15 in Boise,  Idaho



Boise, Idaho

Our Wood Fence Panel #15 is geared for both Arts and Crafts as well as mid-20th Century Architecture


Fence #15 is a related cousin to Fence style #38
The difference being that with the lower panel #38 is horizontal, and here, with #15, the panel is vertically aligned.

Custom Wood Fence Panels #15 in Idaho



Boise, Idaho

Cities and towns employ a fairly universal code to main fence heights along the sidewalk easements to 42". They do this for a very logical reason: Denying the landscape within the fence from the neighborhood passersby s to deny the neighborhood the ability to be a community.

California is the greatest culprit of this simple dictum toward social graces; a state with the precedent of small, tiny lots in those desirable communities along the coast, fenced and bordered off with a panoply of 6' fences separating the sidewalk from the house by in many cases only 15'. The result is a crowded, congested, privacy-minded motif forcing the cities to enforce their codes against an avalanche of indiscretion.


  Custom Wood Fence Panels #15 in Idaho


Boise, Idaho

Designing a series of steps to graduate the eye as we transition the Wood Fence Panels from the front 48" ht to the taller 6' sections.


  custom wood fence Panel #15 in Boise


Boise, Idaho

The new Wood Fence Panels in place and the dogs are set loose.

  custom wood  fence Panels #15 Idaho


Boise, Idaho

Showing the shorter frontage Wood Fence Panels from the yard. And more happy dogs.

  Custom wood  fence Panels #15


Boise, Idaho

The gate style, #71-2, most commonly utilized with Garden Fence style #15.

Garden Gate #71-2 is identical to #71 with the exception of the lower panel. #71 features horizontal panels and is more commonly associated with Fence style #38.

The earlier Prowell Post Cap shown here has since been revised and simplified.

  Custom wood garden gate #71 in Boise

Good Neighbors


With help from his neighbor, our homeowner installed the entire fence-line of 87 panels himself. In return for his neighbor's help, the 8 panels below were thrown into the deal and installed along the back of the neighbor's property. Fence Style #2
Custom wood fence Panel #1 in Idaho


Custom Wood Fence Panels with Lower Privacy Panels and Upper Pickets or Grids
Wood Fence #1

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