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We'll start off with our original Wood Fence Panel Design. Appropriately titled #1.

To a Maximum 60" net width

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Ross, CA

Wood Garden Fence Panel #1 in Marin County, CA

Following 3 years in the early 1990's spent developing the original stile and rail garden gate, Prowell turned his attention to a methodology for a matching fence panel. Although the original result has not changed it's basic aesthetics, there have been more improvements and structural modifications than we can list. A near constant progression over the years of making the work better, and better, until it lasts beyond the lives of your grandchildren, and then some.

So what is it's weakness? Well, the direct impact of a wayward comet is never good. Or car bumpers, felled trees, ballistic games of rugby played by men weighing in at 250 lbs, or a neighboring teenagers learning to ride his first motorcycle. With the exception of the hurtling comet, all the above have happened, representing the weak link of what this product can withstand without incurring some level of surgical damage.

Well then, below is that original Fence Design #1, given a place at the start of our gallery as a matter of reverence for it's veritable history and the delightful young family in Ross, CA who went out on a limb and commissioned what at the time was something new and different.

Although the camera angle is misleading, these are in fact 6x6 posts.

custom wood fence panels #1 in Marin County


Ross, CA

The Fence Panels are at polite height of 66" to compliment both the existing hedge and the close proximity to the neighborhood street.
  Custom wood fence panels by prowell woodworks
Ross, CA

The 1912 Bungalow.
In proportion to the residence, the fence panel height at anything beyond 66" would have effectively upstaged the architecture, as well as the plantings. The purpose of this fence is not to create a private existence from your neighbors and community. It is, moreover, an architectural appendage to the integrity of the residence. Please stroll down this graveled public walkway and pause to lean your elbows atop the fencerail and have a hello to those out on the porch.
  Prowell's custom wood fence Panel #1 in Ross, CA
Ross, CA

Shown installing the last Fence Panel under the chronicling lens of two photographers out from Sunset Magazine. circa 1996
  installing Prowell's wood fence panel #1
Ross, CA

Ben Prowell making one of his earliest on-site appearances. A 7-yr-old who understood how to set the hinges for a gate that hangs straight and plumb.
  Ben prowell installing a wood fence panel in marin County, CA


From The Press Democrat 1998

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charles prowell's fnece panels in newspapers


      Base Price

Berkeley, CA


Featuring the Prowell Post Caps.

wood garden fence #1. Prowell

Berkeley, CA

Accommodating a subtle slope by stepping up the drive and along the front walk and down the opposite side in the rear of the photo.

custom wood fence in berkeley. prowell

Berkeley, CA

The front elevation. With a mild continuous slope in the grade, the flanking panels on either side f the Entry Gates should be kept aligned to the gates, when possible. Here they've decided to step the panel to the right of the gates, thereby losing the continuous horizontal rail alignment. A minor point.

Although not rocket science, configuring the panels over a sloped grade does require a little forethought.

See more on this at: Stepped Panels, and Sloped Grades

Custom Wood Fence Panels #1-18 in the Berkeley and Oakland Area

      Base Price

Darien, Connecticut

Wooden Fence Panel #1-1 on a lovely property in rural Connecticut, connecting the residence to an outbuilding to create an enclosed garden protected from snacking wildlife. Because of its semi-rural setting, the fence and gate will go unfinished and weather to a silvery gray within a season. -- Shown with Gate style #7

wood fence panel #1-1 in Conneticut
Darien, Connecticut

Because the photos sent in from our patrons were so enticing, we could list this site from any number of appealing angles. A slice of heaven that has us dreaming of walking from home to cross the garden and enter the shop.
  custom wood fence panel #1-1 in Darien, CT

      Base Price

Wood Fence Panel #1-3 is identical to the above #1-1. Both at 48" ht, but showing the upper pickets two inches shorter (6" )

The height of the pickets, although normally falling within a proportionate ratio called the Golden Rectangle, are also created to the discretion of our patrons.

wood fencing Panels  in santa rosa, ca

Santa Rosa, CA

Wood Garden Fence Panels #1 in Sonoma County, California--Set back from the walk as an allowance for the landscape to establish its place. Shown with Gate #7 Also showing how to create a radius to the fence-line by simply laying out the radius and setting the posts to that circumference, while the panels themselves remain square.

  custom wood fencing panels in santa rosa, ca

Santa Rosa, CA

nd just how long does a Prowell fence last? Barring the abrupt impact of a hard collision, the panels will last interminably.

Below, the above fence visited 17 years after the original installation. Our homeowners have moved on and the Cabot Semi-Transparent finish they applied themselves has long worn away, and yet the fence itself, weathered to a silvery grey, is a mere toddler in it's expected lifespan.

* To read more about the expected lifespan of your fence, Click Here

  How long does a wood fence last?

      Base Price

San Diego, CA

Prowell's Garden Fence Panel on Coronado Island, California.
WoodRX "Natural" finish

Shown with gate style #5

custom wood fence panel #1-4 in San Diego   custom wood fence panels in California

#1-4 illustrates the proportions of a 6' height Fence Panel-- without the lower open slots. This proportion is variable to your preferences. Shorter picket lengths or longer picket lengths.

  wood fence panels by prowell in California
  Typical view of Prowell's wood fence panel, where everything is created with wood joinery, as in mortises and tenons that allow the wood to breath through the seasons.
  wood fence panel joinery by prowell

      Base Price

Boulder, Colorado

Radius Garden Fencing

This Colorado property is complimented by a strategic placement of Prowell's wood fence Panels. The first two panels are designed with only a few token pickets to meet visibility codes. The back panels are laminated to a specified radius and better illustrated below.

Radius Panel price: Base + 60%

Fence panels #1-5 in Boulder. CO

Boulder, Colorado

ood Fence Panels on a sloping landscape can be dealt with by stepping each Fence Panel, or every other panel, depending on the degree of slope.

If the slope is dramatic enough, the bottom rail only runs parallel to the grade and the rest of the panel is square and level. if the slope is more of a hillside than a slope, the panels are created as as parallelograms, with all horizontal rails following the slope of the grade.

  curved fence Panels in boulder, c

Boulder, Colorado

The double Entry Wood Garden Gates are 2-1/4" thickness.

Gate Style #7 Price: Base + 8% (per gate)


  Sloping grade Fence Panels in Denver, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

Simulating the eventual site layout in the shop, including spacers at 5-1/2" to act as posts.


Radius Panel price: Base + 60%
  radius wood fence Panels by Prowell
A couple of progress photos showing Terry Church on the left clamping the fence rails to their radius molds, and Eric Johnson hamming it up for the camera.
creating bent laminations for fences  
clamping bent laminations for wood fence panels

      Base Price

Sonoma County, CA

Fence Panel #1-5 adorning the home of Charles' lawyer.

In today's business environment, even old world woodworkers need a can-do, no-nonsense attorney (who happens to be a woodworking hobbyist) in the endless struggle against intellectual rights. On any given day there are a dozen web sites with multiple images copied and pasted and presented as the work of less-than-ethical businesses.

In this example, we have increased the upper picket area to better expose the surrounding landscape, while offering an appropriate privacy for the backyard.

A Sansin solid-body finish applied by the homeowner 4 weeks after the installation, allowing the cedar plenty of time to breath for the first time in the open climate prior to applying any paint or solid style finishes.

Shown with Gate style #7

custom fence panels in sonoma county

      Base Price

Lafeyette, CA.

ooden Fence Panels #1-6, at 72" Height. WoodRX 'Chestnut'.
Lafayette, east of the Oakland hills, was the second commission for our patrons who also solicited another 87 panels and multiple gates for their winter home in Olympic Village (Tahoe's Squaw Valley)

custom Fence panels #1-6 in thre San Francisco Bay Area

      Base Price

Burbank Hills, CA

A charming entry in Los Angeles. A common usage shown concealing the utility meters and trash containers

Shown with Gate style #7

wooden fence panels #1-7 in Burbank, CA

We show this view of our Wood Fence Panel #1-3 to illustrate the debut of Prowell's Pony Panels. The original Pony panels were designed to increase the wall height by mounting directly onto the top of the wall. --

To see our ensuing Pony Panel Designs, click here.

Shown with Gate style #29

  custom fence Panels for trash enclosures

      Base Price

Tiburon, CA

Just a pleasant entry, with the Garden Fence Panel #1-8 in Marin County, CA, providing a little front yard privacy without sacrificing aesthetics.

Shown with gate style #7

wooden fence panels #1-8 in Marin County, CA


Wynne, AK

Custom Wood Fence Panels #1-10 along Arkansas' Mississippi Delta.
With Garden Gate #7 utilized as a trash and utility meter enclosure.

Commissioned by a couple who farm 4,800 acres. As a farming enthusiast raised on an Illinois farm, Charles found this fascinating. Some of the richest, most fertile soil on earth is located along the Delta. In return for a few bottles of Sonoma County wine, they were kind enough to talk farming and crop rotation and harvest schedules, laced with repeated invitations for a visit. Reminiscent of the southern social graces of Charles' upbringing.

custom wood  fence panels in Arkansas

With the new landscaped entry, the meters, hose, air conditioner, and water vent are as visible as an exposed closet.

Oh, and unlike Charles' boyhood Illinois farm, this one is accompanied by tennis courts.

  custom wood fence panels for enclosing utilities HVAC
  The residence, with the new fence partially visible on the right. A farmhouse at the center of 4,800 acres is not always how we imagine life on the farm.
  Prowell's fence panels  on the Mississippi Delta






Fences, Gates, and Walls.
Shiffer Publishers 2007
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Great Backyards
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Press Democrat

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