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Wall-Top Wood Fence Panels #1

Maximum 24" net ht x 72" width
Consult the Price Table for the price points of varying widths



Pony Panels

Repeating pickets of 1-5/8" width @ 1-1/2" spacing.

Associated with Fence Style #1.

Custom Wood Wall-Top Fence Panels #1 in Los Angeles



Westchester, CA

The Garden Fences as Wall-Top Pony Panels

Often, we're met with a plain stucco wall encompassing the back yard area. The Pony Panels are our Wooden Fence Panels introduced to not only increase the height as a Privacy Fence, but to do so with a friendly and appealing aesthetic. At a maximum 24" height.

Normally posts are not included. These are standard surfaced 4x4 (3-1/2" x 3-1/2") and are anchored to the wall-top using threaded rod bored and epoxied into the bottom of the post and a corresponding holes into the wall-top. Eliminating the unsightly hardware brackets.

Custom wood wall-top fence Panels in California

Westchester, CA

A look at this same stretch of wall before the installation.
  Custom Wood Fence Panel Extensions

Westchester, CA

With all four sides of this Los Angeles yard wrapped with the Wall-Top Wood Fence Panels #1, we have elected to include one Panel style #32 per wall section that features our 'Pattern Blocks', simply to introduce a little design variation.

  Wall-top wood fence Panels #1 in southern california

Westchester, CA

Illustrating how the matching Driveway Gates are off-set to incorporate a Pedestrian Gate, both of which are aligned to the Pony Panel layout along the top of the wall to the left. (Photographed prior to staining)

Showing Driveway Gate style #2-4

  Custom Wood Driveway Gates #2 in Los Angeles
A stack of the panels ready to crate.
  custom wood  wall-top Fence Panels #1
Westchester, CA

The Pony Panels are installed 1" off the top of the wall.
Because it's always interesting to look at houses, we include this, with its front facade brick and stone veneer that defies being categorized. Hansel and Gretal comes to mind
  Garden Fence


wood fences
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