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MORE of Prowell's Wood Fence Panels Style #1

Available to a maximum width of 60"

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Petaluma, CA

Our Custom Wood Fence Panel #1-15 shown on a gradually sloping grade.

66" ht - 4-Post arbor with insert ceiling and valance panel. Sonoma County, CA

Note: With sloping grades, the options are:
1) To maintain the square geometry of the panels and step the fence.
2) To feather the grade up at the low point of each step
3) To have the bottom horizontal rail run parallel to the grade.
4) And for the more dramatic slopes, to have all the horizontal rails run parallel with the grade, creating a parallelogram.
>>See Sloping Grades

To a Maximum 60" net width

  Custom Wood Fence Panel #1-15 in Sonoma County, CA



Petaluma, CA

Shown from the property side, with the entry gate foyer and Arbor.

  Custom Wood Fence Panel #1-15 in Petaluma, CA

Petaluma, CA

The two Fence Panels on the right show the grade with a more severe transition, where we've set the bottom rail to match that slope. This is Option 'B' under Sloping Grades

  Custom Wood Fence Panals on sloping grades

Petaluma, CA

A rare snowfall in Sonoma County.

Milled specifically for Prowell Woodworks as clear, kiln-dried, vertical-grained cedar, with a minimum 20 growth rings per inch. Combined with the wood joinery for seasonal breathing, Prowell's Western Cedar Fence Panels are indifferent to the snow, heat, rain, and humidity. Although this example has been finished by the homeowners, the decision to paint or stain is strictly aesthetic and does not prolong the life of the fence by one day.

  custom wood fence panels on a hillside in Sonoma, CA


    GARDEN FENCE #1-17
      Base Price

Kentfield, CA (Marin County)

The Wood Fence Panels #1-17alongside the Garden Gate #2, flanked in turn by two custom column wraps.

To view Gate style #2

Custom Wood Fence Panels #1-15 in Marin County, CA
Kentfield, CA (Marin County)

Now and again we'll show a 'before' photo
  wood fence panels #1 in san francisco bay area
Kentfield, CA (Marin County)

The inside of the garden.

An opportunity to thank the talented Michelle Derviss for her input and collaboration.

Michelle Dervis
Artisan Garden Design

Novato, CA
Photo: Michelle Dervisss
  wood fence panels in marin county

Kentfield, CA (Marin County)

wood fence #1 in Marin County. Prowell


      Base Price

San Rafael, CA

Fence Panel style #1-13 at 48-inches When a Fence is designed to flank a walkway, as here, most local codes require a height between 36" - 42".

Featuring the Cantilevered Corner in foreground.

For more Information on Cantilevered Corners

Wood garden fences panels #1-13 in Marin County, CA

Illustrating how the Wood Fence Panel is sloped to a dramatic grade, with transitions to level grades.

Wood Fencing on a Slope: Discovering the exact angle of a sloping grade, to the degree, requires returning to old trigonometry textbooks...calculating co-sines. You will need to provide:
1) The level run measurement (A level line the distance of the entire slope. This line begins at the high end on the grade.)
2) The rise. (A straight-edge at the bottom from the grade to where it intersects with the level line above. This distance from the grade to the level line is the 'rise'.
3) We will take care of the trigonometry.

>>See Sloping Grades

  custom wood fences on a hill


Prowell's Cantilevered Corner. 12" x 12"
  wood fence with cantilevered corner
  Terraced heights are not quite the same as sloping grades. They are often dealt with by adding a Transition Panel, as shown below. Softening the abruptness of the stepped grades. This is simply a stand-alone panel fixed to the post and the top of the lower panel.
  custom wood fences on a terrace
Photographed in 2017, 21 years after the installation. Re-stained a darker green.
  wood fence #1 in Marin coun ty. Prowell

Wood Fence Panel style #1-13 is one of the earlier examples, dated by the photo below of Ben. For several years following the development of the methodologies and designs, the commissions were all local bay area sites and predominantly Marin County. Charles installed these himself, often with Ben's help. Learning not just the shop specifications, but those specifications for the installations that could be extrapolated into the eventual step-by-step Installation Guide that paved the way for a national patronage.
Ben Prowell with fence #1


      Base Price

Ross, CA

Wood Fence Panel style #1-14 in Marin County, CA.

Also showing fence style #2 along the driveway. The panel on th far left has been terrace, stepping from 42" ht to 72" within the same panel. See more of this on Terraced Grades

custom wooden fence panels #1-14 in Ross, CA

By 1998, Charles was nearing the end of field work. By then Ben was 12 and adding a small thrill to the process. But the truth of this product was in the shop, not the field.

  How to install a wood fence
  Ben Prowell
  How to build a wood fence by Prowell


      Base Price

San Jose, CA

A series of low panels at 42" height mounted onto a short stone wall. Centered by the Garden Gate style #7.
custom wood garden fence #1-19 in San Jose, CA. Prowell



Custom Wood Fence Panels with Lower Privacy Panels and Upper Pickets or Grids
Wood Fence #1

Fences with Open Pickets and/or Open Grids

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