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Prowell's Wood Privacy Fence
Panels #20

Available to a maximum width of 60"

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Wood Fence Panel #20, shown with the bottom rail at 5-1/4" width; the middle rail at 5-1/4" width; and the top rail at 2-5/8".



Fence #20-1
custom wood privacy fence panels #20 by Prowell



Moraga, CA

Wood Fence panel #20 accompanied by Gate style #20 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fence #20-1
solid wood privacy fence



Moraga, CA

Viewed from the street. The solid privacy Fence Panels are relieved slightly by the open grids of the garden gate #20. Not a bad idea and one we encourage. It is a landscape after all, and not a house with all the curtains drawn tight.

Fence #20-1
Privacy wood fence panels in California

Moraga, CA

What we replaced.

Replacing a wood fence




Sebastopol, CA

Our original Privacy Fence Panel for a residence down the street from the Sebastopol shop. We were slow, or perhaps reluctant, to develop this style. We have since added the Styles #26 and #39 as the only fully private panel designs we offer.

A solid upper and lower plank style for a Wood Garden Fencing with absolute privacy, safe from the prying eyes of browsing deer.

Shown with gate style #31

Fence #20
Custom wood privacy fence panels #20 in Sonoma County, CA
Fence #20
Sebastopol, CA

Seemingly a simple methodology, yet within this solid wood privacy fence are allowances for expansion and contraction, self-drainage, mortise and tenon joinery, and the highest grade of cedar spec'd directly from Prowell's longtime sawyer in Washington state.
  custom wood fence panels for privacy in California
Fence #20

Sebastopol, CA

Having a look at how the Cedar Fence naturally grays, approximately two years after installation. Note: All Western cedar is not equal. It matters. Cedar harvested too early will react to the elements with less predictability than older, more mature harvests. Prowell specifies a grade A clear, kiln-dried, vertical-grained cedar with a minimum of 18 growth rings per inc. It matters.

Read more about a premature weathered finish at Pre-Finish Options
Read more about Wood. And why it matters at A Word About Wood

  custom wood fence panels weathering to a natural gray

      Base Price

Walnut Creek, CA.

Another example of the solid privacy Fence Panels #20 sent in from Contra Costa County (San Francisco East Bay area)

Finished by the homeowner with the 7-8-year non-toxic WoodRX 'Teak'.

Shown with gate style #91 (Far left)

Fence #20-5
custom solid wood privacy fence Panels in Contra Costa County, CA
Fence #20-5
Walnut Creek, CA.

The three panels and gate were provided by Prowell, with the remaining panels stepping their way up the side constructed by the homeowner in a look-a-like style. All went well, apparently, but for the finishing process, which proved to be more complicated than our homeowner had anticipated. WoodRX dries very fast, and should be applied by spraying even quick coats to prevent dripping and running streaks. Sprayers are available for those who elect to do this themselves. WoodRX is available online at Lowes or Home Depot now, along with the sprayer for approximately $75.
  custom wood privacy fence panels in contra costa country, ca


      Base Price

San Rafael, CA

Wood Fence Style #20-2 features a wider top rail width that matches that of a typical flanking gate. Photographed 6 months after installation. No finish. The solid affect is compromised by adding the design element of the #6 gate, with it's portal obscured with a frosted Plexiglas.

Shown below in San Rafael, CA with sGate style #6
Rocky Mountain latch E358 Matro

Fence #20-1
Natural cedar wood fence #20-2. Marin County. Prowell


      Base Price

Burlingame, CA

Custom Wood Fence Style #20-3 illustrates a common application when a gate is installed between a garage and existing fence-line. There is often a remainder to be filled, and here that remainder is the #20-3.

Shown with garden gate style #20

Rocky Mountain latch E504


Fence #20-3
custom wood fence panels #20-1 in the Silicone valley, CA


      Base Price + 9%

Lafayette, CA

Wood Fence Style #20-4 features two middle rails. All rails at 5-1/4" with.

Shown below with the matching gate style #30.
Rocky Mountain Latch E358

Fence #20-4
Solid wood privacy fence #20. Prowell


      Base Price + 25%

Palo Alto, CA

Wood Fence Style #20-9 features full-width rails and upper and lower open slots.

Fence #20-6



Palo Alto, CA

Our homeowner promises to send in further photos upon applying a finish and softening the border with plantings.

Fence #20-6
custom wood fen ce panel #20-6. Palo Alto, CA. Prowell

Palo Alto, CA

Accompanied by double wood entry gates style #31-6.
Rocky Mounain Ornamental bronze hinges OHS324 ((3-1/2" x 22" long).
Rocky Mounain Latch E701

Note the overseeing perch of a cute bronze owl.

Fence #20-6



Solid Privacy Wood Fence Panels
Wood Fence #20
custom wood privacy fence panels #20
Wood Fence #26
custom wood privacy fence panels #26

Wood Fence #39
custom wood privacy fence panels #39


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