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Prowell's Wood Fence Panels #21 as open grids from 4" to 7" sq.
Available to a maximum width of 84"

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This Fence Style is Base Price +18% with repeating grids
Base Cost +26%
with rectangular open patterns
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      Base Cost + 21%
  #21-5 To maximum 84" width

WOOD Fence Panel #21-5 features equal repeating grids sizes of approximately 5"+_.
Or as with #21 further down, rectangular openings within the repeating grid-work.

All of our Fence Panels with grid styles encounter the same mathematical limitations within a given net width and net height. Below we see equal grids vertically, but remainder grids on the far left and right. The panels within this fence-line share a common height, while also limited to specific widths dictated by the overall fence-line measurements.

Priced at Base +18% because the top rail is shown as 5-1/4" width. (Standard top rails are only 2-5/8" wide.)

  custom wood fence panels #21 with open grids


  #21-5 To maximum 84" width

San Rafael, CA

Wood Fence panel #21-5 is Base + 21%, featuring the top rail width of 5-1/4", matching the gate style #60.
Repeating equal grids of 5-1/4" on a property in the Dominican neighborhood of Marin County, CA.

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Third-party, on-site finish of Sansin Translucent Dove Gray. One coat sprayed

  custom wood fence panels #21 in Marin County, CA


  #21-5 To maximum 84" width

San Rafael, CA

The side yard. Centered by a pair of double garden gates style #60.
>>To Garden Gate #60
Insert: Rocky Mountain latch E414 and Bronze Gate stop #50-250

Here we see the far left fence panel with the grids appearing almost symmetrically equal and without a noticeable remainder grid. Whereas the far right panel, at a different net width, shows remainder grids. The gate grids itself appear symmetrical vertically and horizontally, when in fact the bottom rail width has been increased from the standard 8-1/2" to 10-3/4" simply to accommodate the math for equal grids vertically. A complicated process when coordinating varying net panels widths, as well as a gate.

  custom wood fence panels with open grids

San Rafael, CA

  prowell's wood fence panels in the san francisco bay area


      Base Cost + 26%

Reno, Nevada

To avoid the monotony of a repeating grid, the square grids are occasionally opened into rectangular patterns in a symmetrical layout within each of the Garden Fence panels. This is the defining feature of our Wood Fence Panel #21

#21 To maximum 84" width
wood fence panels with grids in Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada

And we might add how a semi-private patio can be established without the unnerving effort of a solid barrier privacy fence. This is simple courtesy to the neighborhood and those around you.


#21 To maximum 84" width
Open grid wood fence panels in Nevada



Reno, Nevada

This particular project featured open square grids of 5-12", with elongated reliefs.

Centuries ago, Ben-Chuck Prowell fulfilled a commission from the French court to design and build a series of impenetrable grids to house the notorious Jocko Pequot within the deepest dungeons of the infamous Bastille. The premise was straightforward: Grids too small for the passing hips of the narrowest girth and constructed with a system of joints above reproach.

Charged with the brazen seduction of Napoleon's private mistress, Juliet Drouet, and chained to the stone against walls of moss, Jocko committed himself to surviving the odds by limiting his portions of daily gruel in a fasting endeavor to shrink, and shrink . . . and shrink until he slipped the shackles and crawled to the grids on the same exact day Mademoiselle Drouet charmed her way past the guards to pit her slender hips against the strength of Ben-Chuck Prowell's unbudging joinery.

And there they were, Jocko and Juliet within reach, wedged between time and space. Between longing and longevity as if scripted by Victor Hugo himself.

#21 To maximum 84" width
custom wood fence panels #21 with open grids.

Reno, Nevada

On the other entry to this property in the Biggest Little City in the World, this same Reno to where New York socialites fled for their expedient divorces in the 1920's, we show the Fence style #21 as 42" ht--when it becomes our Wood Fence Railing #21

And while we're here, an example of how the Wood Fence can often become a part of the architecture by simply carrying the house color over to the posts. This simple measure creates a visual link from the residential architecture to the Fence., furthering the affect of the newly created patio as an extension of the living area.

>>To Railing Style #21

custom wood fence railing #21 in Nevada

Reno, Nevada

Showing the accompanying wood Gate Style #27.
>>To Gate Style #27.

Learning he was in town playing golf, an invitation was extended to a dinner party that evening, and on the following afternoon a private tour of the Nevada State Museum.

The dinner was notable for two very extraordinary reasons. The hostess' mother had flown out from the Czech Republic. She was 89 years old and in a conversation with Charles, spoke of the occupation as if it were yesterday. She mentioned how life was much much worse under Stalin than under Hitler.

And another guest of interest. A woman who was 90, and spoke of her career as a flamenco dancing act with her husband on the Vegas strip in the 50's, and how on tour in 1959, they were performing in Havana the night Castro came 'down off the hills' to begin the revolution.

Living history at it's best!

custom wood garden gate #27 in reno, Nevada

      Base Price +26%

Mill Valley, CA

Garden Gate style #27 with a common accompaniment of Fence Style #21

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#21-9 To maximum 84" width



Mill Valley, CA

Garden Gate style #27 with a common accompaniment of Fence Style #21

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#21-9 To maximum 84" width

Mill Valley, CA

For those who prefer not to have the partial grids at the top and bottom of the adjoining panel, you have options:
Increase the width of the top rail, and increase the width of the bottom rail. A costlier approach, but an option nevertheless.

>>To Gate Style #27
Pre-Finish: WoodRX 'Mahogany'.

#21-9 To maximum 84" width

      Base Price +18%

Lafayette, CA

Garden Fence style #21-8 in Contra Costa County, CA. Shown as equal grids throughout with remainder grids on the left and rights edges. Centered by Garden Gate style #13.
The panels have been backed with a tinted masonry board by the site contractor. The columns are also provided by the site.

>>To Gate Style #13

#21-8 To maximum 84" width
Custom wood fence panel #21 in Contra Costa County, CA


    GARDEN FENCE #21-7
      Base Cost + 26%
  #21-7 To maximum 84" width

San Geronimo, CA
(West Marin Co.)

he #21-7 Fence style utilized as flanking panels to a driveway gate style #13
The top and bottom rails of the panels are at the same width as the gate's top rail, therefore the Base + 26%

>>To Driveway Gate Style #13

  custom wood fence panels #21-7


      Base Price +18%

Cincinnati, Ohio

A look at another the Fence Panel style #21-B in Ohio. Fence Panel style #21 at the railing heights of 42" or less is identical to the Railing #21-B.

The fence railing panels below are at 36" net height set onto a stone wall. The grid layout was aligned to the one horizontal of the gate grid. The posts were set with threaded rod. Jambs are embedded to the gate columns and mounted onto the column block core, with the stone set to either side of the jambs.

>>To Railing Style #21-B,
>>To Railing Style #21
>>To Pony Panel #21-A
>>To Gate Style #20

An incumbent risk with living in Cincinnati . . . separated from the roaming bands of Kentucky renegades by the width of a single river. This thin geological ribbon as the cultural distinction between the merrymaking survivalists and the manicured landscapes of a Presbyterian stronghold. And of course the confusion, the awkward clash of repeated encounters.

#21-6 To maximum 84" width


      Base Price +18%

Mill Valley, CA

Fence Panel #21 As an open grid exposure to the Mt Tamalpias wilderness in Marin County

  Open grid wood fence panel #21 in Marin County, CA

Mill Valley, CA

Shown from the opposite end. The open-grid fence panels provide a sense of open demarcation between the living space of a cultivated patio and the undeveloped wilderness.

  custom wood fence panels #21-8 in Marin County, CA


      Base Price +26%

Napa, CA

Wood Fence Panels #21-2 with it's accompanying Gate style #77. In the lower left corner, the matching Fence Panels that conceal the air conditioner. Square grid opening at 5-1/8".

>>To Gate Style #77 , with it's extended bottom grid.

  custom wood fence panels #21-1 in Napa, CA


      Base Price +26%

Portola Valley, CA

The original Garden Fence Panel style #21 shown with our Wood Gate style #77. Sent in from southern California. The square grids openings are 4-1/4".

>>To Gate Style #77
wood garden  fence panels #21-1 in southern California





Hand-planing the joints prior to sanding flush.

  how to build a custom wood fence with open grids

There are never enough clamps in any shop.

  how do I build a Prowell wood fence?

Ben working on a series of Fence Panels #21's

  usng wood joinery when building a custom fence




The Prowell Post Cap.

  custom wood post caps


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