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Prowell's Open Fence
Panel #22

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This Fence Style is Base Price +12%
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wood gatesWood Fence Panel #22 on the left with lower pickets, and on the right, at a slightly taller height, shown with a lower solid floating panel. They are the two variations of the Fence Panel #22

Grids for the #22 are approximately 5" square.
The lower pickets have the option of Pattern Blocks, not shown in the lower left image.
The lower solid panels have the option of the open slots, as shown.

custom wood fence panels #22 by Prowell Woodworks

      Base Price + 12%

Point Mendocino, CA

arden Fence Panels #22-1 along the Northern California coast.

custom wood fence panels with open pickets in Mendocino County, CA


      Base Price + 12%

Orinda, CA

Our Wood Garden Fence Panel #22-4 just over the Oakland hills. See more regarding Sloping Grades and Stepped Terracing Options
Shown with Wood Garden Gate style #20

WoodRX 'Cedar' finish.

custom wood garden fence panel #22 from Prowell

Orinda, CA

The front entrance. A series of stepped layouts, beginning with the side of the house in the above image.
Note the gate and the panels to either side are all on the same level.

Shown with Arbor #9 over the gate, and in the background Arbor #15

wood garden gates and fence panels from Prowell

Orinda, CA

The side of the house.



      Base Price + 12%

Mill Valley, CA

wood garden fence panel #22



Mill Valley, CA

Two Fence panels Style #22 as a demarcation between the front gardens and the garage.


Mill Valley, CA

Pre-Finish: WoodRX 'Mahogany'.



      Base Price + 12%

Bethesda, Maryland

A small enclosure to conceal the HVAC utilities where we have a single #22 panel and two matching style #22 Cantilevered Corners.
The center panel is a Lift-Off, mounted on mitered cleats to allow easy removal and access to the utilities.

WoodRX 'Sienna' finish.

More on Cantilevered Panels
More on Lift-Off Panels on the Fence Specifications Page

custom wood fence panels #22-3

Bethesda, Maryland

A good example of how to solve the universal dilemma of exposed utilities. So many of these solutions over the years have involved solid barrier style fences, and expensive, little-used gates. The open style of the #22 is a friendlier curb appeal, and the Lift-Off center panel more practical for the rare access required for the HVAC units.




Bethesda, Maryland

The Lift-Off Panel mounting cleats on the left. The Cantilevered Corner on the right.

For more Information on Cantilevered Corners
For more information on Lift-Off Panels, Product Specifications-Fence




      Base Price + 12%

Kailua, Hawaii.

Garden Wood Fence Panels #22-2 shown with the Double-Off-Set Gate style #53-5.

custom wood garden fence panels in Hawaii

Kailua, Hawaii.

Looking out from the property.

See more on Double Off-set Garden Gates

custom wood garden fencing in Hawaii


      Base Price + 12%

San Francisco, CA

Our original Wood Fencing Panels #22 as a friendly solution to the open space allotted those in the City, where divisions are marked, while avoiding the cloistered affect of a solid fence in lieu of a neighbor-friendly approach.

custom wood fencing panels in san francisco
San Francisco, CA

n the rear, another Cantilevered Corner Panel, providing a solution to an awkward layout.
  custom wood fence in marin county, california




wood gates
Charles with a typical fence Panel #22

charles prowell on how to build a fence panel #22





Fences, Gates, and Walls. Shiffer Publishers 2007
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