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Prowell's Colonial Fence Panel #23

Available to a maximum width of 60"

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Palo Alto, CA

Showing the Colonial Fence Panel design #23-2 in Silicone Valley, CA, with a double Colonial Garden Gate style #23.

The photograph invites us into believing our patron, Dolores, has just returned from the local market, wheeling her bike through the garden gates and onto the new patio where she pauses to unlace her bonnet and from the basket grab her fresh beans and rhubarb and skip into the kitchen whistling something or another, her mind occupied by dinner, by what she can work up with a little of this n' that as the neighbors begin wandering toward that patio, nonchalantly, lead by the anticipation of something doing in the kitchen and by the idea of another evening on the patio and an hour of conversation relished with the pace of molasses and how it shows that sometimes the smallest strides end up bringing the greatest pleasures. A new patio, born from a few bricks and some mortar and a string of lights and a gate with it's sisterly fence that, given the social graces of Dolores, the hostess, seems hardly worthy. And yet proud to be a part of the leisure known to this home.

custom Colonial wood fence #23 in Palo Alto, CA



Palo Alto, CA

As you approach, accepting your invitation for that modest dinner and an hour of honest meandering conversation.
The gate and panels on the right do not make this home what it is, but they certainly help to contribute. What exactly gives a home it's appeal? If you've been browsing these pages for some time now, you'll have learned that square footage is definitely not the deciding factor.
colonial wooden fence Panels in San Francisco Bay Area


Palo Alto, CA

Pretty photos, above. But here we get a much better look at the actual product, being allowed to whether on its own to an eventual silvery gray patina.

* #23-2 features:
--Solid lower panels with open slots.
--Full 5-1/4" width top rail and 8-1/2" bottom rail (matching gate rails)
colonial custom wood fence design #23



      Base Cost + 22%

The Wood Fence as a Colonial-Williamsburg Weave #23-1

#23-2 features:
--Standard rail widths
-Lower solid panel without open slots.

colonial wood fence design #23



      Base Cost + 24%

Kent Woodlands, CA

With the Wood Fence Panel #23, in Marin County, CA, we first introduced the #23 Colonial pattern in 2000 for a 1918 residence on seven landscaped acres where we were inspired to mimic the original Williamsburg Weave porch railings.

#23 features:
--Lower open pickets
--Standard top rail width of 2-5/8" and bottom rail width of 5-1/4"
custom wood colonial fence panel #23 in Marin County, CA


Kent Woodlands, CA

howing the accompanying Driveway Gate #9 and Garden Gate #51

Known locally as the Kent Mansion, the property was recently purchased by a bi-coastal family who occupies the residence for two months a year. A residence that once, 125 years ago, was the cornerstone of the as yet incorporated town known today as Kent Woodlands. A cornerstone that had stood empty and uninhabited for 15 years prior to the recent rescue. An improvement, given that the house was dark and ghostly year round, and is now dark and ghostly for only 10 months a year.

custom wood fence panels #23 in Northern California



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Custom wood fence
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