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Prowell's Privacy Wood Fence Panel #26

To a Maximum of 60" width

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This Fence Style is Base Price +10%
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Privacy Fence Panel #26 is distinguished by the open mortised squares and the stepped top horizontal rail.

Custom wood privacy fence panels #25

Sonoma, CA

Our Wood Privacy Fence style #26sent in from Sonoma County, CA. To learn more about sloping grades and the options available, see Regarding Sloping Grades.

Fence Panel #26 is often accompanied with Garden Gate Style #111 or Gate Style #93.

  custom wood fence panels sloping grade in Sonoma County, CA

Sonoma, CA

It helps to understand there is a need for full privacy fences. With that, we can then begin to work within those parameters to provide such solid barriers with a modicum of aesthetic interest.
wood fence panels on a hill in Sonoma, California

A racked panel ("On the Bias"), with the open squares parallel to the grade.
Fence Panels on the full bias are Option C, discussed on the Sloping Grade link above.


Sloping hillsides with custom wood fences in Monteray, CA

    Base Price +10%  

Salinas, CA

Here we see Wood Fence Panel style #26_1 with the bottom rail parallel to the sloping grade while the top horizontal rail remains level.
See Option 'B' in Regarding Sloping Grades.

The partial bias panel on the right is Base Cost +14%

  sloped  privacy fence in Monteray County, CA

The accompanying Garden Gate #93.

There are a number of variations to the upper pattern detail for gate style #93. This is just one.

Speaking of variations, is this the same Julianne who with her longtime partner Jeannette, bought Prowell's Gate #24? Donning the same blue top and hip-hugging skirt to exemplify her lanceolate figure. But, of greater interest, does Jeannette know of Julianne's double life? Does Julianne know she's been photographed? Where is Jeannette? And who's the dude? Just when you think life is beginning to makes sense, it throws us a curve.

Julianne and Jenette forever . . . . .with #24



    Base Price +10%  

Jenner By The Sea, CA

series of Privacy Fence Panels along the Sonoma Coast, northern CA)


custom wood fence panels for privacy on the california coast

wood privacy fence panels #26-2



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custom wood fence panel #26

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Custom wood fence
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