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Prowell's Wood Fence Panels #29

To a Maximum 60" width

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Fence Panel #29 features intersecting grid patterns and a solid lower panel.

Fence #29

custom Wood Fence panels #29

Fence #29

Bethesda, Maryland

A light whitewashed stain by the homeowner, sustaining the elements with an elasticity not present with paint. If you ignore it's regular maintenance, it will simply lose its color gradually. Cedar Fencing is best not painted unless you are prepared for the maintenance of weathering paints and solid-body stains. If you ignore the maintenance of a painted finish, you will be faced with peeling and cracking--requiring scraping and sanding within all those little grids and pickets. See Pre-Finish Options for more information.

Fence #29

Bethesda, Maryland

The corner of our Wood Fence Panel #29. The post caps are an early design of the current offerings, with the corner cap as a 2-tier lighted cap we no longer offer.

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And a rare glimpse of Prowell's bastard identical twin brother, Chuck. A likeness drawn, we suspect, from the irresistible allure of their mother's legendary beauty.

wood fence panels in Washington DC

Fence #29
Bethesda, Maryland

We'll include a before photo. A fence we've all seen a thousand times elsewhere, and that does little to accentuate or contribute to the existing residential architecture.
  old wood fence in Washington DCBeltway
Fence #29

Bethesda, Maryland

he corner Fence Post with an earlier design of the Prowell's lighted post cap.

* Note: We have since revised and simplified the Prowell Post Cap.

  wood fence panels in Washington DC Beltway
Fence #29

Bethesda, Maryland

e include this photo to illustrate how NOT to crowd the grade. This panel appears to be in contact with the grade itself, whereas they are designed to enjoy a 2" clearance from the festering bacteria of the lawn's ecosystem.

Be sure to read through the step-by-step installation guide that ships with your product.

  Prowell Post Caps on custom fence panels in Washington Beltway
Fence #29


1) Set the two end posts of a given run.
2) string a line between them.
3) start setting panels and posts, working down the line. With each post, it is set on a bed of 3" pea gravel and with the same pea gravel 2/3rds the way up the hole, basically stabilizing the post in place. The panels are mounted to the posts with the pre-bored holes, insuring the lateral alignment of the posts.
4) Once completed with the run, return to fine-tune the post to the string line using a digging bar into the pea gravel.
5) Follow up with an 8" cap of concrete with each posthole.
6) Cut the posts 3-3/4" above the panel
7) Pre-bore the post caps and seal their undersides before mounting.

Stand back and be prepared for the kudos of admiring neighbors and passers-by who will surely weigh in on the quick transformation with the sort of remarks that no one tires of hearing.

Unless . . . suffering from the anxiety of performance art, exposed and on stage to the entire neighborhood, you more or less botch the above sequence to stand with a sheepish lopsided smile beside a listing lopsided post and to your surprise, your neighbors, your lovely neighbors, applaud your effort. They applaud you, faults and all, and from that day on the listing lopsided post remains as a testament to the blind faith we all have in one another.

To download the full PDF Installation Manual, Click Here

How to set a fence panel in Washington Beltway


The Garden Gate #98-2 designed specifically for the Garden Fence style #29.

Base Cost + 12%

  wood fences in Washington

Driveway Gate #29 was originally designed as an accompaniment to Fence Style #29.
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custom wood driveway Gate #29



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