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Prowell's Wood Fence Panels #2

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This Wooden Fence is Base Price + 8% (w/Pattern Blocks)
Base Price: w/o Pattern Blocks
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San Anselmo, CA

This image illustrates our Garden Fence Panels with Cantilevered Corners, often employed at one or more featured corners of a well-exposed front Yard Fence.
Sleepy Hollow, Marin County, CA .

The Cantilevered Corners vary in cost, depending on the fence style. Maximum 24" x 24"
For more Information on Cantilevered Corners
custom wood picket fence panels in marin County, CA


San Anselmo, CA

A house at the end of a street. A house at the end of very nice street in a very nice neighborhood. And yet where is the house? To the approaching visitor or guest or even passersby, the house is NOT what first greets one upon approach. It is, of course, the fence and the gate. Exposing themselves in all their glory to the social graces of a home, a neighborhood, a community.

"Well hello. How nice to see you. Won't you please come in?"
"Why thank you, Gigi. "

custom wood fence panels #2 in San Francisco Bay Area




San Anselmo, CA

Often, the entry gate of extended wooden fences will accentuate the welcome by use of a recessed foyer. Shown here with Garden Gate #79

Below, the front walk, the length of which often constitutes our Gigi's only veritable exercise in the course of a given day. Sashaying it's length to fetch her daily mail at the entry gate. Touching the gate. Pausing, often, to caress the entry gate as if summoning beauty, summoning it back down the long walk to the house.

  shipping wood fence panels #2  nationwide

San Anselmo, CA

The front Garden Gate #79 within a recessed foyer. The entrance at 60" wide and funneling down to the gate at 42" wide.

  custom wood gates and fence panels in Marin County, CA

San Anselmo, CA

he lower and upper open picket style for many of Prowell's Wooden Fence Panels essentially 'shares' the landscaping with those outside the property-line. Shown with Pattern Blocks
  wood fence Panels #2 in marin county

San Anselmo, CA

Fence #2 photographed 21 years later. Weathered to a silvery grey.




      Base Price + 8% (w/Pattern Blocks)
Base Price: w/o Pattern Blocks

Ross, CA (Marin County)

Wood Fence Panel #2-1 bordering a long driveway belonging to the founders of San Francisco's veritable Trader Vics restaurant.

Wood fence panels #2 in Ross, CA

      Base Price: w/o Pattern Blocks

Portland, Oregon

Wood Garden Fence Panel #2-2 in Oregon. Without Pattern Blocks

This fence was finished by the homeowner with a Sikkens two-part stain and seal. Prowell no longer recommends such finishes as the top seal coat will in short order peel, crack, and yellow. Maintaining such a finish requires more than most of us are willing to manage. Unless of course you own a classic wood boat and are accustomed to being a slave to maintaining such boats.

Fence #2-2
custom wood Fences and Panels in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

We might consider this as a featured placement, with the Prowell fence as an ornamental contributor to the interior design?
Fence #2-2
Wood fence panels #2 in Portland, OR

Fence #2-2
custom wood fence panel #2 as open pickets



      Base Price: w/o Pattern Blocks

Chicago, Illinois

Prowell's Wood Fence #2-4 on a corner lot in South Chicago. A house of some historical significance that has been renovated and polished but for the single section of the original fence, which appears to stand as a prideful reminder of its historical roots. Installed several years before, Prowell's Garden Fence has weathered to a subtle gray. To help illustrate the fine line regarding finishes on a front fence, imagine this if it were painted the bluish color of the house body or the white of the trim or the earthy tone of the brick. The result would be a fence that is far more visually established in a neighborhood where there appear to be no other front fence-lines. Allowing it to weather and meld somewhat into the landscape has resulted in a more muted presence.

custom wood picket fence in chicago
Chicago, Illinois

wintry scene of Wood Fence Panel #2-4 just months after installation. The grade of cedar, combined with the methods of construction, give us a result that is impervious to the coldest winters and hottest summers.
  wood fence panels #2 in the cold winter on Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

ith a Garden Fence that has a front-and-center assembly hugging the walk, there is the courtesy of an open picket design and an overall height that prevents its segregation from the neighboring lots. This is important: these are old, established neighborhoods with long-term residents unaccustomed to being bordered by privacy fences.

Most municipal codes require front fences be no more than 42" height for the first 15' from the front sidewalk.

  wood fence panels south chicago
Chicago, Illinois

e include this photo of the original stake fence. With its own inimitable charm.
  custom wood fence #2 in Illinois
  Below, Our patron, as a member of the University of Chicago medical team in Haiti, offering their much needed skills in the wake of the devastating earthquake of 2009.

      Base Price + 8% : with Pattern Blocks

Lawrence, Kansas

Garden Fence #2-5 in Kansas. Here our homeowners have chosen to include the gabled top rails. Although we don't provide a specific page showing this detail, it can be seen on one of the Fence Panel #19 photos. The gabled top rail simply allows those panels restructed to 60" net width the extend another foot to 72" by providing a rigid top spline.

custom wood picket fence panels in Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

rom an ignoble past, Alejandro repents for a fresh start in Kansas. But the past is the past and soon he gives in to the old ways; the whole git-up, the regalia, the brandishing of a natural machismo in a deranged conviction that the ranchero is under attack. Creatures, aliens, frogs, whatever . . . a belly a lead is a belly a lead.
  wood fence panels #2 in Lawrence, Kansas




Prowell's Wood Fence Panels are identical on both sides.
wood  garden fence panels


Wood Fence Panels With Open Pickets and/or Open Grids Throughout
Wood Fence #2
custom wood  fence Panel #2
Wood Fence #2A
custom wood  fence Panel #2A

Wood Fence #4
custom wood  fence Panel #4
Wood Fence #6
custom wood  fence Panel #6
Wood Fence #14
custom wood  fence Panel #14
Wood Fence #16
custom wood  fence Panel #16
Wood Fence #19
custom wood  fence Panel #19
Wood Fence #21
custom wood  fence Panel #21
Wood Fence #22
custom wood  fence Panel #22
Wood Fence #24
custom wood  fence Panel #24
Wood Fence #27
custom wood  fence Panel #27

wood fence
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