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Prowell's Wood Garden Trellis Panel #2




Price: $1550
Posts not included
shown at 72" wide x 45" net Ht.

Inquire for optional widths and heights




The Free-Standing Cedar Trellis is designed to be either mounted between wood posts at any desired height, or mounted to side-walls.

The net height of this particular assembly is 46 inches. Width at 72"

Made to your specifications.

  Custom wood treliis panels #2


Acceptable as an architectural garden divider, or as a free-standing Wood Trellis Panel mounted between two posts set into the ground.

custom wood garden  trellis by Prowell


Garden Trellis Panel #2 shown mounted to a side-wall, waiting for the recently planted Jasmine.

Arriving fully assembled, with 3/4" backing cleats to hold the Trellis off the side-wall 3/4".

custom wood Trellis Panels in Sonoma County, CA


An application where the Garden Trellis Panel #2 becomes a divider between a small patio seating area and the frontage landscaping along the sidewalk. A simple fix and suddenly the patio affords enough privacy, while remaining somewhat transparent to the goings on beyond.

    Wooden garden trellis dividers #2


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