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Prowell's Horizontal Wood Garden Fence Panels #8

To a Maximum 72" width

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Mill Valley, CA

Wood fence Design #8 is the accompanying panel to Gate Style #114.

*1-5/8"-1-3/4" thickness of all stiles and rails

Fence #8



Mill Valley, CA

As with so many of the Prowell Designs, Garden Gate #114 was created in 2012 as a speculative design. Although it has proven a success with multiple commissions in the seven years since, it wasn't until 2019 that we had the opportunity to match the gates with an accompanying panel.

*1-5/8"-1-3/4" thickness of all stiles and rails

Fence #8
horizontal wood fence #8. prowell



Mill Valley, CA

A series of panels for fence style #8 steppig up a sloped grade. Centered by double gates style #114.

The bottom horizontal rails are tapered to the grade. Option 'A' within the various options to accomplish those fencelines on a slope.
See 'Sloped Grades

Fence #8
custom wood fence #8. Horizontal. Prowell



Mill Valley, CA

The accompanying Double Wood Gates Style #114 .
Tapered to a parallel grade.

Double Gates on a slope require a level landing zone to accomodate an in-swing toward the property.

Fence #8
double wood gates on a slope. Prowell



Mill Valley, CA

Meet Viggo, The 6-month old Toy Poodle who safely scouts the comings and goings of every neighbor and passersby from the peek-a-boo barrier of his new fence.

Fence #8
custom wood garden fence #8 with dog




The final snading

Fence #8
building the wood fence #8 by Ben prowell



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