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Prowell"s Wood Fence Panels #9

To a Maximum 60" width

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This Fence style is: Base Cost +22%
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Andover, Mass

A Wood Fence Design with an Arts and Crafts signature pattern.

Fence #9
custom wood fence panels #9

Andover, Mass

The architecture of a 1952 home in Andover, Massachusetts is slightly out of sync with a neighborhood dominated by Colonials. And yet it is the only home in the neighborhood that appeals to Charles, and offers, consequently, the full scope of possibilities to the innovations of a designer's eye. Our #9 Wood Fence Panel no more belongs on a Colonial style home than a pair of khakis belong on Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.

Shown with Gate style #79

Fence #9
Wood Arts and Crafts Fence Panels in Massachusetts

Andover, Mass

Viewed from the back yard in the wake of a New England nor'easterly. A Prowell lighted Garden Column leading the way up granite steps to the terrace where there awaits, the Garden Fence #9. Finished with WoodRX Teak (See Recommended Finishes)

Fence #9
wood Garden Fence #9 in Andover, MA
Fence #9
  wood joinery for the fence panel #9
Fence #9

Charles visiting with the house munchkins on an east coast swing, drawn by an inimitable weakness for the silliness of young'ns.

Fence Gate


      Base Cost +22%

Kensington, CA

Wood fence #9-3 in Alameda County, CA (The Oakland Hills). Shown again with Gate style #79

Pre-Finished with WoodRX Natural

Fence #9-3
custom wood fence panel in Oakland, CA
Fence #9-3

Kensington, CA

An application where we have a small tight lot dominated by the architecture of the house. Because the fence is connected to the house and spans a concrete driveway rather than a landscaped turf, the association is linked more to the house than the landscape. Thus, a finish complimenting the house trim might have fared better for an overall unity. As it stands, the entire fence and gate assembly make for a somewhat pronounced presence. While bearing in mind that this in fact would appear to be our homeowner's purpose.

  wood fence panel #9  in california


      Base Cost + 31%

Salt Lake City

Wood fence style #9 in Utah, along with Gate style #79.
--Featuring full width top and bottom rails.

Occasionally, as seen below, when the gate is flanked by only two panels, the panels will have the same width horizontal rails as the gate.

One of the many reasons people find Salt Lake City a suitable place to live. The wonderful Wasatch mountain range with it's renowned powdered ski runs.

Fence #9-4
custom wood fence panels #9 in Salt Lake City

      Base Cost +22%

Oakland, CA

Our original Garden Fence #9 in Oakland, CA. Panels step up the sloping grade, Stained by the homeowners to match the color of the stained glass window to the right of the front porch. Not a color most of us would have settled upon, but that being one of the minor yet more delectable pleasures of owning a home. Breaking the rules.

Fence #9-1
custom wood Fence Panels #9 in Oakland, CA
Fence #9-1

Oakland, CA

Revisiting this site 19 years later results in the following photo. A new color, and some corroborative proof that the design and methodology is sound--the panels appear as if they were delivered and installed that very week. Beyond an abrupt impact, there is no reason, whether in Oakland or Duluth or Miami, the panels will not last interminably.

  custom wood fence panel #9 in Oakland, CA
Fence #9-1
  What's this? A Chihuahua on the prowl?
  wood fence panels in San Francisco Bay Area


      Base Cost +19% (no lower open slots)

Washington DC

Partial view of fourteen panels of the Wood Fence Panel #9-5 enclosing the backyard pool.

Fence #9-5
Custom Wood fence #9 in Washington DC
Fence #9-5
Washington DC

The residence.
  custom wood fence panel #9-5 in Georgetown
Fence #9-5

Privacy wood fence #9-5 has no lower open slots in the solid planks

  wood garden fence panel #9-5 in Washington DC
Fence #9-5

Washington DC

he installation sequence of all Prowell Fence Panel styles can be reviewed within the PDF step-by-step Installation Guide
Please see Regarding Installation for the various links to installing all products.

  installing custom wood garden fence panels #9 in Washinton DC
Fence #9-5 Progress
  A stack of upper picket & grid sections for the fence style #9.
  building a custom wood fence panel by Prowell
Fence #9-5-Progress
  Ben Prowell hand-planing the edges of each and every picket. Although Ben owns an impressive collection of planes, here he uses the Stanley #7 Ben's father (Charles) used as a boy and Ben's father's step-father used as a boy and Ben's father's step-father's father used as a boy and we assume, because of the stamp and serial number dates it to 1888, that Ben's father's step-father's father's father also used it as a boy, or possibly as a grown man; we're unsure who he was, actually.
  ben prowell planing wood


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Garden fence
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