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Prowell"s Signature Stand-Up Desk




Solid Peruvian Walnut. Quilted Maple
30"Deep x 27"Width.


Desk #2


Prowell's Signature Stand-up Wooden Secretary Desk

As much a work of art as a functional piece of furniture.


The height is determined as per user. Drawn from the waistline.

The two front lower leg rails are designed as foot rests to ease the strain in the lower back in a standing position.

custom walnut stand-up writing desk
Desk #2


Maple highlighting throughout this Solid Wood desk. One obvious advantage to a custom-made stand-up desk is the comfort of its individually-tailored height. Without an adjustable chair to rely on, a Stand-Up desk is only as ergonomic as its precise fit to the client's body. Inset details classic wood-hinged lid.



stand-up writing desk
Desk #2


The walnut hinges as a defining feature.


custom walnut writing desk
Desk #2




walnut secretary desk


Desk #2 in Fine Woodworking magazine
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