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Prowell's Wooden Chevron Gate #11
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Prowell's arrangement of the ancient Chevron Pattern--a design pattern that has appeared on works of unearthed pottery as early as 1800 B.C.

A few modifying lines and we have an Art Deco Motif that might be suited for the lobby of the Rockefeller Center or Chicago's Tribune Building or any of those phenomenal buildings and their elevator lobbies rising like a flourishing crop all over the country between 1921 and 1935. A very very short reign, given the lasting affect on the design world in the succeeding 80+ years.

So we have a combination of one of the globes oldest forms of aesthetic patterning, blended with one of the modern world's most influential periods to arrive at, well . . . at something intriguing.

* It should be noted that Garden Gate #11 is the only examples where the vertical stiles and horizontal rails are not a standardized 5-1/4" and 8-1/2". Why? Because there is such a network of joints within the body of the gate and because each of these joints contributes to the structural integrity of the whole, we do not rely so heavily on the primary tenons of the gate frame itself.

Modern wood 'chevron' gate #11

Modern wood  gate #11

Larkspur, CA (Marin County, CA)

Double Gates #11 with a pre-weathered finish. (See pre-finishes)

Site designer:
Blair Peters Design
P.O. Box 336
Kentfield, CA 94914

  modern deco wood gates #11 in Marin County, CA

Larkspur, CA

The site upon approach before the installation of the #11 wood double Chevron gates.

  custom wood gate #11 in marin county, CA



    GARDEN GATE #11-1
      Base Price + 30%

A standard Chevron

On the left, the unfinished cedar.
On the right, the pre-weathered finish.

For more information on pre-weathered finishes, click here

chevron pattern custom gates in Marin county   chevron pattern wood gates #11
    GARDEN GATE #11-2
  custom wood chevron gate     Base Price + 35%

Mill Valley, CA

Chevron Gate #11-2 in Marin County, CA

Chevron wood gate in Mill Valley, CA
Mill Valley, CA
Custom wood garden gates #11 in Marin County, CA


    GARDEN GATE #11-3
  custom wood chevron gate     Base Price + 35%

St Huberts, NY

Gate style #11-4, flanked by two matching panels.

Shown with an Eco-Wood pre-weathered finish

wood garden gates #11. Prowell

St Huberts, NY


custom wood garden gate Chevron design

St Huberts, NY


Wood gate joinery



St Huberts, NY

The Ausable Club, nestled in Adirondack Park, was founded in 1878 as a 25,000 acre private club. Increased in 1910 to 40,000 in an agreement with the state of New York to preserve the wilderness reserve. And in 1978, reduced to 7,000. Still a private club, who commissioned Prowell for the gate and panels for which we may, or may not, ever see photos of the completed installation..






The earliest known example, dating to 1800 B.C.!!
chevron pottery

There are comparatively few graphic designs in history more commonly replicated than the Chevron. A trend that seems to be experiencing yet another resurgence.
An ancient Greek tapestry
chevron weaving
An archaeological remnant of a Roman floor
chevron mosaic

A ubiquitous fashion in the 1970's carried to interior paneling and exterior siding and yet, unfortunately for the Chevron, associated with what is arguably that decade representing the bane of American architecture and design. Everything built during that decade must be razed and replaced until the entire decade has vanished from our collective memories. The decade of Twiggy, and Disco. Of I'm Okay, You're Okay.

chevron wallpaper

The penchant for Chevron flooring. Quadrupling the number of joints prone to raising and cupping and easily the worst solution for solid wood flooring ever comprised.
chevron flooring

One of the more shining examples. The morphing of the Chevron for the upper tiers of the Chrysler Building.

chevron architecture


A nifty rendition from a junior high school in Brooklyn from the late 1920's

chevron tile

The endless appropriations




St Huberts, NY

Beginning with the three, pre-mortised vertical dividers

How to build a Chevron pattern wood gate. prowell

St Huberts, NY

Because the gate is flanked by two matching panels, the patterns are aligned with the orientation of the enitre assembly.

building wood gate #11. Prowell

St Huberts, NY

The mitered Chevrons are cut as a batch. So it's imperative that the four sections share the exact same dimensions.

How to build a Chevron Pattern wood gate. Prowell

St Huberts, NY

Because the mahogany tenons are fairly short, the mitered Chevrons can be fitted to a fixed layout.

Building a Prowell wood gate



St Huberts, NY

With a design such as this, the orientation and alignment of each row is vital. Using a drywall square, pencil lines are drawn across the entire assembly for each row of Chevrons. Simple guidelines, not so dissimilar to the stringlines for brick walls and roofing shingles.

Hopefully we'll eventually see photos from the site. But the site --The Ausable Club--is a private reserve where members are elected by comittee. The Ausable Mountain Reserve was established in 1887, spanning 25,000 acres. By 1910, that total was increased to 40,000 acres in an agreement with the state of New York to maintain in perpetuity the foreever wild nature of the preserved lands.In 1978, the property mountain reserve situated since 1978 in the agreement was amended, leaving the Ausable Club with the current 7,000 acres that surrounds the clubhouse below.





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#11-3--1843-Luck (in-progress)