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Prowell's Pendant Wood Garden Gate #12
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Prowell's Pendant Garden Gate is not for everyone. An inordinate number of joints created with an accuracy that allows the pattern to be assembled as a whole between the top and middle rails.

Originally designed for a Thoroughly Modern Millie architecture, such as our homeowner in Eastchester, NY. A rambling splay of masonry, stone, and glass.

Wood Pattern Garden Gate


wood gates A total of 114 joints in the upper pattern alone.

colonial wood garden gates

wood gates
Eastchester, New York

Pendant Gate #12 along one side of the house, flanked by Fence style #12.

Custom Gates for Colonial Architecture in New York
wood gates
ff another corner of the house, the same configuration of three panels and gate. A slightly more sloped grade sees each panel and gate stepped uniformly to the overall rise.
Colonial Pattern Wood Garden Gates in Eastchester, NY



Eastchester, New York

The residence. A mid-century modernist home with a confluence of stone and glass.

Modernist houses in New York



Eastchester, New York

#12 Progress
building a prowell gate #12



Eastchester, New York

Ben preparing the dry-fit assembly.

#12 Progress
complex wood gate designs by prowell




The image sent to us by our inquiring homeowner . Could we do it? Was it structurally feasible? Would it be right for the architecture? Will it last a dozen lifetimes?

Yes,on all counts.

pendant light


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