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Prowell's Curvy Garden Gate #14
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wood gates The double Garden Gate #14 is by all accounts a rather straight forward design drawn to the intimacy of a 2" grid.

And yet, not so simple.

*Shown with a WoodRX 'Chestnut' pre-finish

Curving wood garden gates #14


wood gates The upper grids depart somewhat from our standard upper grids in that they are inserts within a perimeter frame

Wood Gates with upper grids







Feeding the grids through the drum sander.

On the wall above are the doors to a Prowell cabinet design from the 1980's that has nearly 20 years later served as the inspiration for Gate style #14.

prowell building a wood gate eb #14




In a departure from the standard Prowell grids, the #14 grid is framed with a 3/4" border.

building a wood gate #14




Adeline, as a bookkeeper by trade, prefers the parameters of her known world to sync with the square and predictable city blocks of where she was raised in Dayton, Ohio.

Perhaps why Adeline, cursed by genetics, left Dayton for the curving unpredictability of the unknown world.

How did she know?

building a wood gate, prowell



wood gates  
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wood gates
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