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Prowell's Curvy Garden Gate #14
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wood gates The double Garden Gate #14 is by all accounts a rather straight forward design drawn to the intimacy of a 2" grid.

And yet, not so simple.

*Shown with a WoodRX 'Chestnut' pre-finish

Curving wood garden gates #14


wood gates The upper grids depart somewhat from our standard upper grids in that they are inserts within a perimeter frame

Wood Gates with upper grids


    GARDEN GATE #14-1

wood gates The double Garden Gate #14-1 features solid panels throughout, separated by the middle horizontal rails.

At only 64" ht, the center 'S' radius is foreshortened

Custom Wood Garden Gate #41-1. prowell








Truing the underside of any radius is approached by one of three methods:

1) Create a 3/4" template and duplicate the radius using a flush-bearing router bit.

2) Cut the arc on a bandsaw. Own a Radi Plane and have a son who spemt two years at North Bennet Street School of Fine Woodworking in Boston, where they taught him everything his father missed, including the art of handling the adjustable sole of a radi plane. A tool not hertofore in his father's arsenal.

3) A spokeshave, relying slightly more so on the woodworker's feel in truing the continuity of any concave radius.

the Woodworker's Radi Plane. Prowell

The Radi plane was a fixture in the woodworking shops of the 19th century, and largely disappeared with the Industrial Revolution that introduced combustible engines and electrical power to the trade in the 1880's, theretofore inaugurating a change toward machinery over hand tools.

That trend of course ultimately went too far. A 40-year spurt of growth and innovation and wealth spreading beyond the manufacturing realm and into the cultural sphere in one of America's most poignant reminders of how the springboard of capitalism works. The cycle of commerce, built on the premise of growth, when growth itself leads inexorably to greed, which leads, repeatedly, to the corrections of crashing markets and periods of humility and regret.

It was on the heels of this granddaddy of corrections when The Craftsman Doctrine was born in 1913 as a humble, social reaction to the greed and excess of rampant economic growth. A step backward, embracing hand tools and honest designs, accompanied by a 10-point doctrine on the principles of integrity and lasting values.

how to use the Radi Plane. Prowell

So perhaps the solution is a combination of both the spokeshave and the radi plane.

An approach, for both Charles and Ben, that is far more engaging than the industrial whir of a flush-cutting bit on a noisy machine that requires, in turn, the noisy din of the dust collection.

The truth of pulling or pushing a spokeshave along an aforementioned irregular radius with a rhythm of physicality, a balance of touchy-feely linked more closely to poetry than commerce.

* To learn more on the Industrial Revolution and it's endless manifestations, read Charles' The Craftsman Doctrine.

How to use the Spokeshave. prowell






Charles at the noisy, power-hungry drum sander

On the wall above are the doors to a Prowell cabinet design from the 1980's that has nearly 20 years later served as the inspiration for Gate style #14.

prowell building a wood gate eb #14






In a departure from the standard Prowell grids, the #14 grid is framed with a 3/4" border.

building a wood gate #14




Adeline, as a bookkeeper by trade, preferred the parameters of her known world to sync with the square and predictable city blocks of where she was raised in Dayton, Ohio.

Perhaps why Adeline, cursed by genetics, left Dayton for the curving unpredictability of the unknown world.s

How did she know?

building a wood gate, prowell



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