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prowell woodworks for garden gates

Prowell's Garden Gate #200-A
The "Wave Gate"






Santa Barbara, CA

contemporary wood beach gate, santa barbara


Santa Barbara, CA

Custom Wood Garden Gate #200-A is an obvious derivative of the #200, modified from the original concept in collaboration with the site architect Carl Schneider.
A good example of how nearly all of the 140 +_ original designs on our gate galleries were originally the result of either speculative designs or modifying a given gate style to the existing precedent of the site's aesthetics.
The lines to #200-A were influenced by not only it's portal gateway to the Pacific, but to the iconic architecture of the house itself (see below)

Translucent acrylic rod, diffusing as the setting sun angles across the gate.
Upper opaque Plexiglas for a modicum of eye-level privacy.

Carl Schneider, AIA, NCARB
CSA Architects

Prowell's Unique Wood Garden Gate #200-A in Santa Barbara, CA



Santa Barbara, CA

modern wood gate in santa barbara, ca



Santa Barbara, CA






Santa Barbara, CA

The uppermost grid is backed by an opaque Plexiglas




Santa Barbara, CA

The meandering dark red acrylic rod

custom wood garden gate #200A in Santa Barbara by Prowell


Santa Barbara, CA

Site photos establishing the precedent for Garden Gate #200-A

The Wave House, Santa Barbara, CA
The Wave House in Santa Barbara




  #200-A Progress                                                

Ben fitting the upper grid to the wave radius

  how to build prowell wood gate 200A



  #200-A Progress                              

The dry-fitting of the essential components.
On the more complex gates, at some point the primary lines must be permanently joined to insure the fitting of all subsequent parts. Working with the three identical bent laminations, we play with their eventual fit, which of course establishes the basic lines of the gate.

  custom wood gate construction with ben prowell


  #200-A Progress                              

In creating the various radius arcs for the secondary wenge components, Ben turns to an ancient method of a pliable 1/4" thick stock, tensioned with a string coupled with a turnbuckle that allows for slight adjustments to the radius. With this he can then trace the eventual arch of each components onto the wenge stock.

  Prowell creating soft arches for the wood gate with tensioned string



  #200-A Progress                              

Two days on just the bottom-right grid alone.

  Ben Prowell's step-by-step process for wood gate #200A
  #200-A Progress                              

Because so many of the intersecting lines are unique, they are created one piece at a time.

  Building prowell's complex wood gate #200A
  #200-A Progress                              

A confusion of awkward clamp settings

  Step by step process for Prowell's custom wood gate #200A
  #200-A Progress                              

  How to build the complex wood gates by prowell



  #200-A Progress                              

Ben Prowell. The end of an absorbing commission and ready for the craters.

  ben prowell with garden gate #200A


  #200-A Progress                              

  Ben Prowell's Unique wood gate design




wood gates
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